Data Management/File Storage

What we provide

We provide file storage on a central Storage Area Network (SAN) for you to save files related to your work, research or study. This file store is replicated to a second location to help ensure its availability and is backed up nightly to protect it from loss.

What you can expect

All staff and students of the University are allocated space for their individual use (we call this the personal z: drive). University departments are also allocated space for shared departmental data (we call this shared departmental x: drive). You would usually access your x: drive and z: drives directly as a drive letter from your University PC or using remotely from a PC off-campus. Research data can be stored on the Research File store (also known as the Research R: drive).

What we expect

The file storage facilities we provide are highly resilient, highly available enterprise class facilities, and as such, are expensive in comparison to consumer storage devices. We expect these facilities to be used to store your important work related files and we expect you to manage your usage efficiently.

Service availability

This service is normally available 24/7, but is only supported during working hours. The service is 'at risk' during service at risk during the normal maintenance times: Tuesday morning 7.00am until 9.00am and Thursday evenings 6.30pm until 10.30pm but you will receive advance notice of work during these times that is likely to affect this service.

Service charges

Each individual and each department is allocated an initial quota based on various factors. This allocation is core and is not charged. Increases to quota can be requested and might be subject to a charge.

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