Completed project portfolio

Project NumberProject NameDescriptionProject ClosedProject ExecutiveProject Manager
075 Identity Management The University uses Microsoft authentication (Active Directory) to control access for logon to PC’s. The objective of the project is to provide an efficient way of creating and maintaining accounts for all our major services – commonly referred to as account provisioning. Liz Bailey Niall Mullarkey
142 ITS Support for Parking Permit Management System
As part of the “The Travel Plan” initiative being introduced in summer 2010, the University aims to manage the allocation of parking spaces on the basis of a points-scored, need-related scheme. In order to manage this scheme and deal with the increased volume of applications it is proposed to implement a new system for the management and allocation of parking permits. The system will not only allow the application of the points-based criteria in the allocation process but also streamline the process by providing an online interface for users and largely removing the manual administration involved. Tim Yates
Nick Stocks
152 ITS Support for the PCI DSS Compliance Project The Finance Office have been reviewing University credit card processing arrangements across the University as part of the first stage of an accreditation process to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Accreditation is required by Barclaycard, the University’s service provider. This Proposal formalises the request for IT Services staff effort to support the accreditation process. Gary Hague Matt Ball
160 Science Warehouse Pilot Implementation Science Warehouse is a product developed by a spin out company in the University of Leeds and is in operation in a number of large, science based HEIs as well as some Research Councils. It is an electronic marketplace, operating very much like “Compare the Market” that we use as individuals. It provides up to date product catalogues for consumables and equipment, mainly in the life sciences area but is developing into other areas of H.E. purchasing. The implementation of the Science Warehouse e procurement solution, integrated with SAP, would significantly rationalise and strengthen the process of price evaluation leading to considerable improvements in price management, supplier selection and expenditure in this commodity group. Gary Hague Jon Gunnell
175 Managed Desktop Redevelopment This project will replace the current Managed Desktop service (CFS) with an up to date version based on Windows 7 and Office 2010. The service will also be expanded to provide a laptop service. The redeveloped desktop will be rolled out across the University with the expectation of expanding coverage from 75% to 90%. Martin Barstow Nick Stocks
186 ID Card Rationalisation Currently the University has a number of identity card systems which meet differing requirements including Library building access, Library book issuing, general building access, car park barrier access and visual check of identity against a photograph.The aim of this project is to rationalise these systems into one which can perform all the functions listed above and which could (subject to a further project proposal) provide additional services such as the leisure facilities access, cashless vending, etc. Liz Bailey Nick Adkins
194 New Telephony Solution Following a strategic review of the University’s networking and telecommunications, IT Services have developed a Data and Voice Network Strategy. The Strategy sets out a vision and implementation plan for the University’s data network, telephony, and unified communications services over a five year period. The vision for the University is that it will have a converged communications infrastructure supporting a wide variety of traffic types such as traditional data, video, streaming media, voice and building management services. To achieve this vision, the University has acknowledged that a significant investment in networking and telephony is necessary. This investment is to be phased so as to spread the capital costs over a number of years but also enable the investment to be aligned with Estate’s development projects. Chris Tilbury Gary Painter
195 Higher Education Achievement Report - HEAR The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will replace undergraduate transcripts in their current form across the HE sector. This will be an electronic report available to students both during and after their period of study at the University. It will include standard student transcript information, as well as additional information including programme level information, selected extra-curricular activities and detailed module results. The HEAR will give a more rounded picture of the student and reflect current changes in the HE sector, allowing students, employers and other stakeholders to have access to a much more useful document than the current transcript. Susan Lapworth Andy Milsom
200 Wireless Network Improvements The University’s wireless network is used by staff, students and visitors to access both local IT services and the wider internet. The service is extremely popular and usage is increasing rapidly, driven by factors such as the ubiquitous nature of wireless (WiFi) enabled devices combined with the convenience this connectivity provides. Recent improvements to the University’s wireless network include support for the JANET roaming service called eduroam, which is anticipated to also increase demand for the service. The aim of this project is to bring together all of the improvement requirements into a single structured project. Mary Visser Lee Robinson
202 Virtual Learning Environment Re-launch The University Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), currently based on Blackboard V9.0, is a critical system for the delivery of teaching and learning. The primary aim of this project is to upgrade the system to V9.1 by the summer of 2012 and improve its supportability, ease of administration, reliability and availability. The secondary aim is to enable the University to derive better value from its VLE in the future. Christine Fyfe Jon Gunnell
203 UCAS Visit Days Currently, the process of managing visit days is handled differently in different departments and they use their local databases to track the activity. The purpose of this project is to make the management of visit days more effective and efficient, enhancing the rate of conversion from offer to acceptance, minimising errors and eradicating the duplication of data, by integrating the management of visit days for undergraduates into SITS. Jonathan Tinnacher Jackie Hutchison
204 ResNet Procurement and Implementation ResNet provides internet, telephony and IPTV services to student residents, as well as providing telephony to staff based at the Halls of Residence. The service is currently provided by a third party supplier as a fully managed service. The contract expires on 30th September 2012 and a procurement project needs to be undertaken in order to place a new contract. This project will encompass all aspects of the work needed to identify and select a supplier and to enable them to implement a solution that meets the University’s needs. Frances Stone Niall Mullarkey
205 Data Centre Refurbishment and Rationalisation This project is to reduce the number of data centres managed by IT Services from four to three, providing two main data centres for resilience and a third to house data backups for disaster recovery. The fourth data centre will be reduced in scale to become a network hub only. Achieving this requires an upgrade to the primary data centre to provide the required scalability, capability for housing current and future IT equipment and improved energy efficiency. Dan Lawrence Nigel Chidgey
206 X: drive reorganisation To enhance the University’s data storage offering to staff, a major investment has been made in an affordable and scalable storage hardware platform. This new system will provide storage for the Windows 7 project but the focus of this project is on the provision of large scale shared storage for both departmental shared data and research data. This project is to ensure that the services to be offered are well defined, with appropriate service levels and that access to the greater capacities available is correctly managed. The project will also migrate data from existing systems. Dawn Kemp Ian Colledge
207 Teamcenter Database Hosting This project is to provide managed hosting for the Teamcenter product life-cycle database management system for immediate use in the Space Research Centre in the first instance and then across many projects in the College of Science & Engineering where similar capability is required. Currently the database is hosted on a single, out of warranty server in the Space Research Centre (SRC), leaving the University vulnerable to single point failure, expensive call outs and limited availability outside of the SRC. John Pye Dave Carter
208 Leisure Management System The proposal is to introduce a Leisure Management System to manage the membership of, and access to, the sports facilities at the University of Leicester, which are anticipated to generate around £1M per annum in income from memberships. The Leisure Management System would be used to manage both the main campus facilities and the redeveloped Manor Road site. Martyn Riddleston Dave Carter
209 Plone Upgrade The University’s website is a key communication tool and a foundation for defining the University to a global audience. The web content management system which underpins most of the website is Plone. The version of Plone (V3.1) currently in use will no longer be fully supported by the end of 2012 at the latest, so Plone needs to be upgraded to ensure continuity of support; a further benefit of the upgrade is that it will also introduce new features which will benefit the University’s website and the staff who create and maintain web pages. Jon Shears Jon Shears
211 Corporate Reporting Accurate and comprehensive management information is essential to making the University as effective and efficient as possible. The University’s current reporting requirements have outgrown the IT infrastructure available to support it and demands for new functionality cannot be met with the current version of Business Objects. It is proposed to address these issues by launching a Corporate Reporting Service which will put control of the service into the hands of the University, implement a new version of the reporting tool to support current and future reporting requirements and underpin the software with an appropriate level of IT infrastructure. Geoff Green Niall Mullarkey
212 BRISSkit

BRISSkit will develop a national shared service brokered by JANET to host, implement and deploy biomedical research database applications that support the management and integration of tissue samples with clinical data and electronic patient records. Anonymised versions of patient sensitive databases are hosted for University researchers on a VMware platform implemented by the University of Leicester IT Research Computing Service. We will work across the range of stakeholders in clinical, University and international biomedical research to deploy appropriate, secure, affordable and reliable services in this key strategic area for the UK.

Jonathan Tedds Robert Feakes
213 IRIS - Improved Reporting and Integration with Leicester Research Archive This proposal is for the implementation of additional functionality that will enhance the IRIS system by: the addition of grants data via an automated interface to the SAP Grants module, providing a facility to enhance the Leicester Research Archive (LRA) by the inclusion of metadata-only information from IRIS and improved bibliometrics, and the implementation and exploitation of the Symplectic reporting module. Kevin Schurer Dave Carter
ISP Firewalling to Improve Campus Network Security It is common practice to implement firewalls to provide network security. Firewalls offer some of the same features as router ACLs such a rule based filtering of network traffic. Firewalls can be deployed on the Internet boundary and also inside the network to protect important information assets such as groups of servers and database systems. The longer term objective is to implement a layered security model encompassing border firewalls, firewalls inside the network protecting groups of critical systems and also host based firewall security. Two phases of work will be needed to deliver this model. The first will address border firewall security. The second phase will address firewalls inside the network and host based security. The objective of this proposal is to deliver the first of these stages and implement two border firewalls in a resilient configuration at each of the two site internet connection points. Mary Visser Lee Robinson
215 Merchant Services Tender – Implementation of New Supplier The existing agreement with Barclaycard to provide Debit/Credit Card Services is now end of contract, which gives the opportunity to tender for a new, more competitive, contract. The Finance Office will run the project to tender and select the new provider. The tender is for the provision of Merchant Services for processing, authorisation and settlement of the University’s debit and credit transactions via all payment channels including: customer present (Chip and PIN), e-commerce and customer not present (Mail Order / Telephone Order). In the event that Barclaycard are unsuccessful in winning the tender, a number of changes will need to be undertaken to introduce a new card services provider. If Barclaycard are successful, no further action will be required, and this project proposal will become redundant. Gary Hague TBC
216 New Payment Terms for US$-paying DL Students Finance have a requirement to offer a new monthly course fee payment structure to US$-paying Distance Learning (DL) students. At present this only includes DL students from both the Caribbean and the Middle East. The new payment structure is to be in place by August 2012. This has the primary aim of attracting more DL students to the UoL through more manageable payment terms, but is also required to both meet commitments made to Agents in the Caribbean and to allow a move to direct fee collection from DL students in the Middle East. Gary Hague Andy Milsom
218 SQL Server Upgrade The ITS SQL Server infrastructure, which underpins nearly all corporate information systems and many other services that depend on databases, must be upgraded to maintain a supported software configuration. From a hardware perspective, some servers are ageing, others are running over capacity. Project 193 (SQL Server 2008 Infrastructure - Feasibility Study) recommended a new underlying architecture to resolve these issues. The initial stage, purchase of hardware, has been completed. This project will implement the phased migration of all the University’s SQL Server databases to the new infrastructure. Vipin Ahlawat Jackie Hutchison
219 DIRAC HPC Service A project to procure, host and run a national High Performance Computing service for the UK Theoretical Particle Physics and Theoretical Astrophysics communities. The current plan is to host this service in a refurbished data centre on-site at Leicester (to be delivered by Project 205). TBC Dave Carter
220 CTU Randomisation Service The CTU wishes to implement a combined IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and IWR (Interactive Web Response) Randomisation System. A web based randomisation services allows investigators to randomise patients from anywhere in the world through the convenience of their web browser. Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are the gold standard for evidence-based medicine. The ability to support RCTs is seen by the University's Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) as a key aspect for the provision of a comprehensive clinical trials support service. At present this service is outsourced and provided via a third party. The CTU needs to provide this service in house. Linda Porter Jackie Hutchison
221 Destination of Leavers (DLHE) Return in SITS The Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) return is a statutory HESA return. It is currently produced from a standalone Access database which is increasingly perceived as an unsuitable high-risk environment for such an important return. The proposal is to host the DLHE return on the SITS system for the 2011/12 return. Susan Lapworth Peter Izzard
222 Outsourcing Student Email The University’s Exchange email service is a shared infrastructure between staff and taught students. The hardware on which the service runs is five years old and is due to be replaced. Along with the replacement of the hardware, the version of Exchange needs to be upgraded from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 in order to ensure full compatibility with later versions of Microsoft Office to take advantage of new features such as archiving facilities and to keep the email service on a modern, fully-supported environment. Vipin Ahlawat Robert Feakes
223 Retender and Deployment of MFDs (Smart Printing) The current Multifunction Device (MFD) contract is owned and managed by University of Leicester Print Services (PS). It expired in December 2011 but following discussions between IT Services and PS it was concluded that the contract should be extended until summer 2012 and the supplier has put forward a commercially acceptable proposal. As part of these discussions it was also agreed that IT Services would lead on the retendering of the contract and would manage the contract once it was renewed. This project is to manage the retender and the implementation of the devices directly replacing existing photocopiers. There are also substantial additional benefits (ca £300-400k pa) that the University could realise if it moves more widely to a managed print solution. The contract awarded as part of this project will enable this to happen and provide the facilitating infrastructure; however, it will not lead on the wider implementation of managed print. These activities will either be led locally by departments and/or in conjunction with IT Services. Liz Bailey Nichola Wilson
Student Mobile App
A key goal of the IT Strategy is to enable students to use their own mobile devices to access resources. (See IT Strategy section 5.2). The use of mobile devices to access online information is becoming ubiquitous amongst students but traditional websites are difficult to read and interact with on a small screen and cannot access many features of current devices. The expectation amongst students of any modern, forward-thinking institution is that two-way communication is increasingly available through a mobile app, and that such an app continues to develop value over time. This proposal is to create a freely-available University of Leicester mobile app, primarily aimed at existing students but potentially also of use to staff and prospective students, which will provide easily accessible information on most smart phones and tablet computers.
Christine Fyfe
Nichola Wilson
225 Adobe Connect Upgrade This proposed project is to perform a tactical upgrade of the University's existing web presentation and web meeting software (Adobe Connect) to the latest available version; the current version is no longer under mainstream support by Adobe and is not compatible with Windows 7. Additionally, the University needs to make a strategic choice of technology to support this kind of capability, which is used in many organisations to support team meetings and provide ‘virtual classrooms’. The project will allow for the continued support of this service and will, incidentally, also provide a number of valuable technical enhancements, such as support for mobile devices. The project attracts no capital expenditure, and approximately 30 days of total FTE effort from within IT Services. This will buy time while a more strategic evaluation can take place of three other contending options which include: Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Lync and the Siemens IP Telephony platform now in use within the University. Vipin Ahlawat Stephen Rice
226 ITS support for Staff HESA Return 2011-12
Every year, the University is required to provide a mandatory information return to HESA, providing specific details of all staff resources and the activities they have been performing throughout the year. This information, amongst many things, is used by HESA for statistical purposes and also the development and publication of University league tables. It also impacts directly upon the income stream that the University receives from HEFCE. Each year, the information requirements for HESA typically change, resulting in the need for additional information fields to be added to, or changed on, SAP HR. Associated SAP reports may also require updating. The purpose of this project proposal is to formalise the request for effort required from IT Services to support Human Resources in their completion of the statutory HESA staff return.
Vipin Ahlawat
Sue Lee
227 Kinetics Upgrade 2012 This project is necessary to maintain the Kinetics (Kx) booking application, used by both the Conference Office and Central Catering, at the most recent support pack level. The upgrade procedure is well understood and documented, having been undertaken last year. Vipin Ahlawat Andrew Gahagan
228 PAMS Upgrade 2012 This upgrade is essential to allow RACS to maintain their business operations during the period of evaluation of a potentially new accommodation system. Note that this will be a bigger upgrade than those seen in recent years because of a fundamental change to the underlying infrastructure as a result of OCCAM replacing the old style Oracle based forms with a new .net based GUI Vipin Ahlawat Lindsey Carpenter
229 Online Catering Bookings The RACS catering booking service requires a significant amount of resource to manage. Delivered catering bookings predominately originate from internal customers, and generate a significantly high volume of small, low value individual bookings which are all manually processed. Implementing a web based, online solution to manage catering bookings would bring major resource savings and efficiency improvements within the Conference Office. It would also allow for a more proactive selling approach and the opportunity to expand the external customer base. Vipin Ahlawat Joy York
231 ITS Support for Staff HESA Return 2012-13 Every year, the University is required to provide a mandatory information return to HESA, providing specific details of all staff resources and the activities they have been performing throughout the year. This information is used by HESA for statistical purposes and also the development and publication of University league tables. It also impacts directly upon the income stream that the University receives from HEFCE. The return for 2012-2013 is substantially changing in content and format. Work needs to begin now to prepare for this. Vipin Ahlawat Sue Lee
232 SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Upgrade SAP Solution Manager is used to manage all of the SAP products installed at the University. It provides tools, content, and direct access to SAP to manage everything from deployment to solution monitoring and improvement. Version 7.1 offers new and improved functionality in a number of key areas that will be of significant use in the near future. Additionally, upgrading SAP Solution Manager to version 7.1 will enable us to take advantage of SAP Enterprise Support Services offered free as part of our support agreement. Vipin Ahlawat Darren Garton
233 SAP PI 7.3 Upgrade SAP Process Integration (PI) is used to integrate many of the corporate IT systems and is a key element in enabling a number of key business processes to operate efficiently. Version 7.3 offers new and improved functionality in a number of areas that will be of significant use in the near future. Additionally, upgrading SAP PI to version 7.3 will improve stability and integration with SAP Solution Manager to enable improved monitoring. Vipin Ahlawat Darren Garton
234 Blackboard Service Pack 10 2012 This project outlines the work required to apply Service Pack 10 before the start of spring term on 13 January 2013 to maintain the current Blackboard application V9.1 within our agreed SLA with managed hosting. The majority of the work will be performed by managed hosting; however resource from IT Services will be required to undertake minor technical changes and testing.
Christine Fyfe Heather Swithenbank
236 Finance - Corporate Planner v4.0 Upgrade A tactical upgrade of Corporate Planner is urgently required to both allow access to new/improved functionality and also maintain a vendor supported version. The upgrade will need to be delivered by the end of November 2012, to allow for end user familiarisation and potential training against the new version before formal use of the application is required from mid-December. Carol Prokopyszyn Darren Garton
237 SITS 8.6.0 Upgrade The version of SITS which the University is currently running (8.5.0) will be de-supported from May 2013, and a new version (8.6.0) is due for release by Tribal by the end of November 2012; there has already been a further release (8.5.1) in May 2012. Upgrading to the new releases will not only enable us to continue to run a fully-supported version of SITS, but will also allow us to take advantage of new functionality and enhancements which will only be available in the new versions. Jayne Bowers Jackie Hutchinson
238 Staff Email Upgrade The staff email service is one of a set of services that has been left behind temporarily in the old CFS service on the old IT infrastructure and some complex technical workarounds have been implemented to enable this to work from the new Windows 7 service. As a result of this, staff and PGRs cannot currently select taught students from the email directory and vice versa. In addition, the University’s new Identity Management System (FIM), cannot provision staff or PGR accounts while the staff email and other services remain on the old IT infrastructure. These accounts currently have to be created on the old IT infrastructure and migrated to the new Windows 7 service. This project will remove the FIM provisioning dependency on the staff email service, identify other dependencies to FIM provisioning and assess the consequences of enabling FIM provisioning of staff IT accounts to begin. Thomas Erlebach Alan Pickard
239 Management Training Centre Implementation IT Support The University is converting the old College Hall building into a new Hotel and Conference centre which is due to open in October 2013. The project will provide the conference centre with IT solutions that assist the business to operate. Steve Crawford Dave Carter
240 Smarter Purchasing The Finance office is intending to focus on improving transaction processing. Liz Bailey / Martyn Riddleston Jon Gunnell
241 eFusion upgrade & maintenance The University of Leicester uses a door access control system called eFusion. The eFusion project aims to increase security for this system. Colin Monks David Schofield
242 CMIS Upgrade The University has recently taken a decision to make CMIS (Central Management Information System) the single source for all room bookings by adding departmental meeting room resources to the database. It is predicted a wider group of users will require access to be able to view and potentially book rooms. Web technology lends itself to this type of use, but the current room booking solution is not effective. Geoff Green Joanne Chalmers
243 IRIS Phase 3 This project is for the implementation of enhancements to the IRIS system. It is to develop a download facility to allow data in IRIS to be used to generate web pages for academics; develop reports and procedures for research reviews and investigate the requirements and practicalities of extending IRIS to capture information on non-research related activities. Jan Davies Dave Carter

Kinetics Upgrade 2013

The Kinetics application is used by the Conference Office at the Halls of Residence to control bookings at the residences and by Central Catering for the delivered catering service. It is provided by an external supplier (Kinetics Solutions). New major releases of functionality are provided on an annual basis, supplemented by release note processing throughout the year to fix known bugs. The reason for this project is to secure support for the upgrade this Academic Year.

Andrew Gahagan

Joy York

New Telephony Solution">InferMed Macro Upgrade

New Telephony Solution ">InferMed Macro is used as the core system within the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) to support the management of clinical trials to the academic and medical fields. To address a number of serious bugs it is necessary to upgrade to the latest version of this software.

New Telephony Solution">Danny Kirby

Nick Stocks
246 Upgrade of Inteum C/S to Inteum Web New program licenses for Inteum have been purchased. Tas Gohir Howard Taylor
247 Paperless Admissions The project will allow us to process applications electronically and is therefore essential for undergraduate recruitment. The same paperless functionality is also employed for postgraduate applications. Jenny Dnes Nick Stocks
248 Streaming Media This project seeks to upgrade and improve the existing streaming media service. Mark Rawlinson TBC
249 SITS On-line Applicants and students will have enhanced access to their student record. This will provide the best possible experience and improve operational effectiveness. Richard Taylor Liz Bailey
250 Migration to SQL Room Service – Phase One The current University accommodation system (Room Service) is being upgraded. The first phase of the upgrade will take place over the next twelve months. The completion of this project will allow Residential and Commercial Services to have access to the latest version of the Room Service system. Kirsty Woodward Dave Carter
251 Support for IT and Telephony Components of Clearing 2013 Clearing is an annual business critical University process which is very dependent on IT and telephony services. This project will manage the implementation, support and risks associated with the IT and telephony components of Confirmation and Clearing 2013. Richard Taylor Sam Hannan
252 HMRC RTI and BACS Compliance Real Time Information (RTI) will improve the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) by making the system both easier for employers and HMRC to administer and also more accurate for individuals. Gary Hague Darren Garton
253 Student Online Registration 2013 Make sufficient changes to the existing online registration to address data quality issues, particularly with regard to distance learning students, and address data for all categories of students. Jayne Bowers Nick Stocks
254 UoL Bank Account Provider Change Every 4 years the finance office re-tenders its contract for UOL banking. This process has now been completed and we are now moving all the finance banking from NatWest to Barclays. IT services are required to support this migration which requires changes to SAP and ABAP code by 08 July 2013. Carol Prokopyszyn Emily Ledson
255 ASDEC Site set up and operations This project is directly in support of the broader estates project. This will be used to measure vibration of objects mostly related to car manufacture and the aerospace industry. Geoff Green David Schofield
256 Support for Brookfield Site Commissioning

IT Services will support the recently acquired Brookfield site with the commissioning of the following activities to be completed by the start of the Autumn term of the 2013/14:

  • Preparation of the Library, Heron and Mallard buildings for full office based tenancy
  • Connectivity of the existing CCTV to the Security Lodge
  • Installation of automated barrier access to the car park
Trevor Humphreys David Schofield
257 Internet Explorer Browser upgrade The current browser is fours years old and therefore an upgrade is needed to support new services such as Blackboard and Plone. Chris Tilbury Alan Pickard
258 Student PC Image Production 2013/14 This project is to ensure that the student PCs

continue to meet the needs of the teaching staff and students by having the most appropriate versions of software required for teaching and general purpose computing activities.

Chris Tilbury Alan Pickard
259 Lecture Capture Technology Pilot This project is to allow what happens in the classroom to become digitally available. Jon Scott TBC
261 CFS Decommissioning Programme In order to simplify the University’s IT infrastructure and reduce the cost and complexity involved in future projects and running services it is necessary to decommission the old CFS related infrastructure. Liz Bailey Alan Pickard
262 Sustainable Printing Service Implementation (MFD Deployment Phase 2) This project continues the implementation of the University sustainable printing strategy; offering full service and implementing the service across the whole of the College of Arts, Humanities and Law. Dawn Kemp/Steve King Nichola Wilson
263 Mobile App – Phase 2 Blackboard is introducing a new app development platform called Mosaic.  This has been introduced to enhance the support they offer and to decrease the implementation time for users.  We will therefore need to migrate our current content to the Mosaic platform in order for us to be able to add any new content to the app.  Critically it will be necessary to use the Mosaic platform to make the improvements suggested by University student focus groups and in feedback from the App Store. Thomas Veit TBC
264 KxPress Hosting for the Student Union The aim of the project is to provide a hosted version of KxPress Conferencing for the Student’s Union to allow them to more professionally manage room and catering bookings. This will be funded by them. A Kumaran Nick Adkins
265 Blackboard Service Pack 13 The aim of the project is to apply Service Pack 13 to the current version of Blackboard (version 9.1) before the start of the spring term on 13 January 2014. This will improve service to users by providing fixes to known problems, and will maintain version 9.1 within agreed SLA with managed hosting. TBC Jon Gunnell
266 PAMS to Room Service Migration – Phase Two

The current University accommodation system (Room Service) is being upgraded. After going live with Room Service on 30/09/2013, work immediately began on Phase 2, and aims to implement the remaining products in the Room Service suite of applications.

Lindsay Carpenter Rebecca Smith
267 SAP ERP EHP6 The SAP ERP system is predominately used in Finance, Estates, HR & Payroll. This proposal is to apply the latest Enhancement Pack (EHP) to the SAP ERP system, which contains the latest bug fixes for the system and also new features. Martyn Riddleston Jon Gunnell
268 Replacement Content Management System – Phase 1 Procurement Visitor and user expectations are now at a point where Plone is failing to keep up.  The University has grown out of this solution and now it is time to consider a replacement to provide the foundation to develop our Digital Campus.  The project proposal is to cover the work needed to understand requirements and complete the procurement stages to select a preferred supplier for a replacement CMS. Thomas Veit Lee Knapton
269 SAP PI 7.3 Upgrade SAP Process Integration (PI) is used to integrate many of the corporate IT systems and is a key element in enabling key business processes to run efficiently. Version 7.3 offers new and improved functionality in a number of areas, and also improves stability and integration with SAP Solution Manager TBC Keith Frend
270 SITS 8.7.0 Upgrade The version of SITS which the University is currently running (8.6.0) will be de-supported from May 2014, and the new version (8.7.0) was released in November 2013. Upgrading to the new release will allow us to take advantage of new functionality and enhancements of the new version. Geoff Green Nick Adkins
271 Hosting of Satchwell Sigma BMS IT Services are required to facilitate the hosting of the UoL’s primary Building Management System (BMS) application - Satchwell Sigma BMS by Schneider Electric. This activity will also involve a significant upgrade to the application, reducing operational risk and providing access to the latest version of the software. Tim Yates Alan Pickard
272 ITS Support for Staff HESA Return 2013-14 The University is required to provide an annual information return to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). As well as some minor changes, there is also a number of outstanding issues that have been raised by HR during both this year’s and previous years’ HESA return processes.  Resolution of these issues is critical to ensuring that on-going HESA returns are more accurate and efficient through the need for less manual processing of data. Chloe Grobler/Lorna Campbell Keith Frend
273 Systems Centre Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Project – Phase 1 design and feasibility Deployment of the new version of Systems Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) will reduce a number of risks associated with the current version, such as limited support from Microsoft. It will include new features and confer additional future benefits. This project will also examine the feasibility of deploying a new version of SCCM and complete a design for the new system. Chris Rudge David Anthony
274 ITS Support for Development of New Medical Building IT Services are required to support the development of the New Medical Building. IT Services involvement will deliver the core IT and AV infrastructure. Trevor Humphreys Niall Mullarkey
275 Research Data repository Pilot The purpose of this project is to increase our understanding of the requirements of archiving research data for public access. This will be achieved through exploring up to 4 case studies (1 per College) to develop the requirements and then creating a prototype storage location  to address the needs of the case studies. Ben Wynne Dave Carter
276 e-Fusion Review As a result of a review of the University’s Access Management System, a number of corrective actions have been identified. These are aimed at reducing potential security risks, improving operational effectiveness and efficiency of e-Fusion. Tim Yates Matt Ball
277 Block storage replacement Many core IT systems depend on a storage system which has reached end of its supportable life. This project replaced this system to ensure that the IT systems which depend on it continue to be supported by robust, supportable and expandable storage infrastructure. Martyn Riddleston Alan Pickard
278 Sophos 10.x and Enterprise Console 5.x Upgrade This project will upgrade the anti-virus product used on all University PCs at the University. The current product will be removed in April 2014 Liz Bailey Owen Dickinson
279 Wireless and Remote Printing (WARP) This project will allows to print documents from their own devices. This service will also alleviate the pressure on student PC areas as students will be able to submit print jobs from their own devices rather than using a student PC. Bob Athwal Keith Frend
280 RACS Monika Upgrade Residential and Commercial Services (RACS) use the Monika application to monitor the temperature of food storage across the University. The Monika upgrade adds "store to plate" monitoring of food temperature. This is a critical piece of functionality for RACS to meet Environmental Health Organisation standards. Anne Harvey Keith Frend
281 Employee Contract Funding RSA3 Automation Requests for staff appointments to external grant funding are captured on RSA forms which require approval from a variety of internal and external parties. RSA forms are currently completed manually and there is no single database accessible to everyone to check the progress of requests. This project sets out to pilot an electronic form based process for extending or changing an existing staff appointment. This covers the requesting, approving and update of the staff in SAP. Jan Davis TBC
282 Ethics Approval – Application Processing System The ethical review of Research Projects has been recently examined and a new process has been approved. IT Services have been asked to facilitate the changes to the existing Ethics Application System. Alan Pickard
283 Blackboard 1H Upgrade 2014 Blackboard will be upgraded to version 9.1 during 14 - 18 July 2014. The majority of work will be performed by Blackboard Managed Hosting, but IT Services will be required to perform testing and make some technical changes.
Bob Athwal Keith Frend
284 IT Support for Confirmation and Clearing 2014 IT Services will be required to manage the implementation, support and risks associated with the IT and telephony components of Confirmation and Clearing 2014. Thomas Veit Sam Hannan
285 Redesign of the Online Application Form The current online application form is out of date and compares unfavorably with many of the University's competitors. A newer, better form will increase completion and application rates, and consequently allow us to reach our recruitment targets. Thomas Veit TBC
287 CMIS Upgrading and Surfacing The CMIS timetabling system requires an upgrade to the most recent version. The upgrade will allow for a web-accessible timetabling solution for University staff and students. Geoff Green Nick Adkins
288 Corporate Firewall Replacement The project is for replacement of the IT Services corporate Check Point firewall with a Cisco ASA firewall. By migrating from Check Point to Cisco there will be one less firewall technology requiring support by IT Services. Chris Rudge Carl Nelson
289 IE Browser Upgrade 2014 & Student PC Image Production 2014-15 The University provides Microsoft Windows 7 for use by students in PC areas across the University. Each year, essential upgrades, updates and fixes are combined into a new software image, and this is distributed to PCs at the end of the summer vacation. This ensures that students receive the appropriate version of software to perform their studies with and known issues are resolved before the next academic year. One of the improvements is considering an upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Dan Lawrence TBC
290 Routine Hardware Replacements - VM Ware & HPC Hardware underpinning services has to be refreshed periodically to ensure that it is both supportable and efficient. For High Performance Computing (HPC) this refresh is every three years and for general servers every four years. Combining the hardware refresh for these two services provides cost savings and makes efficient use of staff time through a single procurement. Chris Rudge Paul Crow
291 Tender for University Desktop & Laptop Supplier(s) 2014 The University appoints a supplier of PCs and laptops every 3 – 4 years. The contract is worth in excess of £750,000 annually and as a result is subject to a tendering process. The current PC contract will expire on 31st July 2014. A 6 month extension will be agreed with the supplier to end the current contract on 31st December 2014. New arrangements must be in place to ensure continuity of supply arrangements. Dan Lawrence TBC
292 University Mac Pilot IT Services will pilot a managed Mac service for researchers, with the objective of a future rollout if successful. This will meet demand from researchers who are requesting centrally managed facilities. It will also allow software to be distributed in a controlled way, and ensure University-owned systems are compliant with the University’s Data Security policies. Professor Julian Ketley, Genetics Ian Colledge
293 IT Support for Registration During the busy registration period, University offices such as Registry, ELTU and Student Welfare have to operate from various different locations around campus to provide their specialist services to large numbers of students. To allow this, temporary IT facilities will need to be installed in these locations to allow administrative staff to access core systems such as SITS and SAP. TBC Paul Roberts
294 Library Management System Replacement - IT Support for Analysis and Procurement Phase This project provides support to the Library as they procure a new Library Management System (LMS). The work comprises of 3 different work steams - assessing the information architecture for Library systems,  designing a service support framework and providing support for the technical elements of the tendering process. Caroline Taylor Paul Roberts
295 IRIS and LRA Upgrades 2014 To enable the University to comply with HEFCE’s new policy on access to research outputs, upgrades to the University’s research information management systems are required - this includes IRIS, IRIS-to-Web and LRA (Leicester Research Archive). These systems are closely linked so changes and upgrades need to be planned, managed and effected in a co-ordinated manner. Juliet Bailey Peter Evans
296 IT Operational Monitoring Proactive monitoring of IT Services’ infrastructure and applications will reduce the frequency and length of major incidents. Whilst this is something currently undertaken by IT Services, the process needs to be significantly improved. In reaction to a number of a number of major incidents, IT Services would now like to overhaul our approach to monitoring, and to assure the ability of appropriate staff to use and act upon alerts from our infrastructure and applications. Chris Tilbury Paul Roberts
297 XN – Leisure Management System Upgrade A new version of the University’s Leisure Management System is now available and has been deployed by a number of XN’s customers. This is the first release for over 2 years and includes significant new functionality and a number of fixes for problems that are currently causing issues for the University. An upgrade will reduce the number of issues experienced by Sports Centre staff and provide new functionality which will improve the service offered to customers, as well as operational efficiency. Martyn Riddleston/Bob Athwal Alan Pickard
298 Implementation of Fire Alarm Monitoring System This project enabled Estates teams to receive notifications of fire alarm activations across student and staff facilities, undertake remote maintenance of fire alarm panels and provide a fully supported, backed-up and resilient infrastructure to support fire safety at the University. Tim Yates TBC
299 Enterprise Service Desk Pilot in the DL and Admissions Office Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) is a tool for assisting in the management of the student experience. It allows students and staff to access a range of services through a single interface. It is proposed to implement ESD on a pilot basis for managing approximately 9,000 student requests received on a monthly basis within the Distance Learning Hubs and 7,500 applicant requests into Admissions. Laura Freeman Jon Gunnell
300 Re-implementation of academic management system (SITS Academic model) The aim of the project is to understand and approve a new academic model, and then implement it in SITS. This is in order to realize the benefits of having an appropriate central student records system that reflects the variety of programmes of study offered by the University. Geoff Green Nick Adkins
301 CMIS Autoscheduling The project will introduce CMIS Autoscheduling. This will make effective use of the University’s estate, provide transparency of rules that are based on staff and student availability and enable effective scenario planning and reporting. Marc Peel Clair Simmonds
302 SAP EHP7 Upgrade SAP will be upgraded to Enhancement Pack 7 (EHP7). EHP7 will contain the latest bug fixes for the SAP ERP platform and also provide many new features (TBC). The system then be running on the latest supported version with more reactive vendor support and faster patching capability in the event of future issues. TBC TBC
303 SITS Upgrade 2015 The aim of this project is to upgrade SITS to its most up to date and fully supported version. This will allow staff to take advantage of new functionality and enhancements in the future. Geoff Green Nick Adkins
304 Implementation of Replacement IT Service Management Tool This project aims to review and re-implement key business processes for how IT Services provides support to the University by replacing the Service Management tool. This will enable and support the effective operation, measurement and control of business processes. Once implemented, the IT Service Desk will have fewer queries about the status of requests, as there will be a self-service portal containing this information. This will also improve the experience for staff and students and reduce the number of changes resulting in incidents. Chris Tilbury Richard Firth
305 My Day (SLC) Creation of a University Mobile App / Portal utilising the Collabco MyDay product. This piece of work will deliver the identified Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and look to support the SLC Tranche 0 deliverables.  Complete June 2017 Geoff Green Nik Mobbs
306 CMS Replacement Project This project aims to create a new website for the University that communicates effectively with our key audiences. It will also aim to reduce the number of web editors, which will reduce central support costs. After the technical installation, the first sections to be changed are the homepage and ‘Study with Us’. Then there will be the replacement of Research, News and Events and Student Blogs. Finally, the departmental sites and advanced marketing will be changed. Tracey Carlton Ian Milner
307 Accounts Payable Automation This project aims to increase the speed and accuracy of data entry into SAP through automation, improve invoice matching and workflows and improve management information. This will include the selection and implementation of an appropriate invoice and payment service for Smarter Purchasing related invoices. This project will also include the implementation of a new SAP Content Management System. Richard Griffiths Peter Evans
308 Smarter Purchasing Improvements This project aims to improve the user experience of the Smarter Purchasing system by only displaying fields relevant to the user, and providing a more intuitive layout. The project will improve bugs and weaknesses which make the system less easy and efficient to use. Implementation of automated reporting will lead to better decision making, as well as built in rules to increase automation. Overall, this will save institutional costs. Richard Griffiths Peter Evans
309 Redesign of the online application form This project delivers a smarter, more user friendly online application form, which can cater for the variety of direct applications made to the University. Academic colleagues have a greater ability to customise their questions to applicants, to gather the information they require and to make a prompt decision. The new form improves both the application and referee experience, integrate with the new Study with Us website and improve submission rates. Additionally, an agent is also be able to apply on behalf of an applicant. Kathy Thompson Jon Gunnell
310 PGR Paperless Admissions - Phase One This project introduced a paperless process for decision making in postgraduate admissions. This improves the postgraduate experience, as they can see where they are in the application process. It provides postgraduates with My Student Record functionality that is currently being used for other applicants. This improves our responsiveness to applications, which has been found to be important in converting applicants to students. This will also cause a better management of information. Jenny Dnes TBC
311 Business Objects 4.1 SP4 Upgrade This project aims to upgrade Business Objects to the latest version. This will fix bugs, make new features available and give support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11 and Java 8. New features will be added which include the ability to freeze headers on WEBI reports to see column headers at all times, as well as an option to hide functionality that a user cannot change. This upgrade will provide more flexibility when reporting from multiple databases. TBC TBC
313 Internet Explorer 11 Upgrade The University provides Internet Explorer on all University PCs. From January 2016, only the latest version of this will receive technical support and security updates. Therefore Internet Explorer will be upgraded from version 9 to version 11. Dan Lawrence Richard Firth
314 Student PC Image Rollout Upgrades and fixes of software will be combined into a new software image. This will be installed on all Student PCs on campus at the end of the summer vacation. This will ensure that students receive the required versions of software for their studies and known issues will be resolved before the next academic year. Dan Lawrence Richard Firth
315 Estates Spring Works – General Moves & Refurbishments IT Services will support Estates in completing the extension, refurbishment and repurposing of University offices and buildings. This includes the improvement of access control, wifi connection and telephones. Mike Queally Carol Messenger
316 Blackboard Upgrade Summer 2015 This upgrade will provide enhanced functionality of the Blackboard system. The majority of work will be performed by Blackboard Managed Hosting, but IT Services will be required to perform testing and make some technical changes. Ross Parry Alan Pickard
317 Estates Summer - Autumn Works 2015 This project provides IT support for Estates during their Summer improvements. This includes refurbishments and changes to buildings such as University telephones, IT and Audio Visual equipment. Mike Queally Carol Messenger
318 Estates Spring Works 2016 Each year Estates carry out a number of projects within the University of Leicester, to coincide with when student numbers are at their lowest and disruption is minimised. These projects are predominately infrastructure based and include such projects as office moves, room upgrades, Lecture Theatre refurbishment etc. The projects range in value from £200 to £210k and are often carried out by external third parties. The projects are aimed to be completed prior to the commencement of the new academic year in September. Tim Yates Gary Painter
319 Attendance Management for Students (AMS) The projects consists of implementing a student monitoring system to capture student attendance as well as provide a means to analyze the captured data. This ensure compliance with the requirements of the UKVI to allow the University to recruit international students. Geoff Green Rebecca Smith
320 Room Service Upgrade to 2.4.4 This project is to deliver an upgrade to the Room Service application. This has taken the application to 2.4.4 and, most significantly, make key functionality available to RACS to improve their competitiveness towards private accommodation providers. Anne Harvey Pete Evans
321 Uniware EPOS tills system (SLC) Phase 1 - The aim of the project is to replace the current Micros ePOS till system with a new system provided by Uniware. Implementation will be across the entire University estate, including mobile outlets, outlets in the Student Union, Oadby student village and the DeMontfort University Bookshop. Proposed go live is 1 August 2016. Geoff Green/Trevor Paige Jon Gunnell
322 Supported PC project This project will develop and roll out a new suite of managed services for PCs (Windows and Linux) and Macs, so that by the end of 2016 there will be no unsupported devices on the University network.
These services will address data security, software delivery, encryption and other security options to make it as simple as possible for staff to (i) keep data safe, (ii) keep devices up to date, and (iii) comply with Information Assurance Policies.
Julian Ketley Ian Colledge
324 SAP EIC Implementation An implementation of SAP Employee Interaction Centre (EIC) will provide an efficient and effective means of recording and managing a wide variety of actions and issues in relation to people management across the UoL within a consistent and auditable framework.  It will also enable the existing HR AIMS (Access DB) service to be decommissioned, thus mitigating the risks associated with this unsupported, legacy application. Emma Stevens Ian Colledge
325 SITS Upgrade 2016 (8.9.0) Project to upgrade SITS and its components to the latest release to ensure continued vendor support. Upgrading to the new release will not only enable the University to continue to run a fully-supported version of SITS, but will also allow the staff (though not as part of this project) to take advantage of new functionality and enhancements which are only available in the new versions Laura Freeman Nick Adkins
326 Room Service E-Casual Lets This project is to deliver the implementation of a new module in Room Service called E-Casual Lets.  This will make key functionality available to RACS to improve their utilisation of their bedstock over the vacation periods.  This project will implement the new module, bring the current system up to scratch in terms of patching and deliver penetration and load testing in for the E-Casual Lets module in preparation for Confirmation and Clearing. Anne Harvey Pete Evans
327 Burralls Upgrade The Burall’s system is used to create door access ID cards. Current checks carried out in the software ensure UoL do not issue new cards with the same 32 bit Card Serial number (CSN) as those already in UoL circulation.  Burall’s rejects new blank cards before they are programmed and printed when a duplicate 32 bit CSN is identified.  This results in many new cards being rejected and although this is a problem all year round, it is emphasised during Registration due to the high number of new cards produced.  The project is necessary to:
• Remove obsolete 32 bit duplicate checking code that is no longer required.
• Bring the Burall’s software up-to-date to support new card printers.
• Resolve a number of issues in the Burall’s backlog.
Tim Yates Jenna Morgan
328 SAP LUCRE Improvements - Phase 1 (Analysis) The project is necessary to:
• Document our clear understanding of customer requirements for improvement to SAP LUCRE (through a Business Requirements Document).
• Document agreed technical solutions (through Functional Specifications) to meet customer requirements.
• Appropriately scope, estimate and propose a subsequent delivery/development phase (through Project Brief).
Paulina Muya Mux Gangar
330 Project Server

The current Portfolio Management spreadsheets used within the PPMO are no longer fit for purpose or functioning as designed.  The installation of MS Project Server Online will enable a new system of record for inflight projects which will provide better:

1) Project progress reporting

2) Simple level Portfolio reporting

3) Resource allocation and Project Capacity management

Without this in place, ITS are unable to effectively track project progress, highlight risks and issues, manage project resources and prioritise workload.
331 Upgrade Adobe Connect and Presenter Adobe Connect will be upgraded from version to version 9.3. Adobe Presenter will be upgraded to version 10. This upgrade will fix known issues of the current version of Adobe Connect and Presenter and enable hosting of web conferences from mobile devices Alex Moseley Alan Pickard
332 Review of  Security Control Room This project has reviewed the current Security Control Room and provided recommendations for improvement. Tim Yates Carol Messenger
334 Office 2013 Upgrade for staff and postgraduate students IT Services is seeking to exploit Microsoft Office 365 cloud services in order to provide services that offer a collaborative environment to staff and their partners in external organisations. This project provides a key enabler to a number of areas of functionality available in that cloud platform. Michael Dunmore Ian Colledge
335 Windows Server 2012R2 This project will ensure the Microsoft Operating is up-to-date and supportable for the future, as well as ensure new software can be supported. It will ensure the server infrastructure that is more robust and that can support new versions of Windows, such as Windows 10. It will also provide a platform that can underpin other key infrastructure, such as newer MS SQL. Dan Lawrence Paul Roberts
336 OneDrive Following on from the Office 2013 deployment, we now need to begin exploiting the features available from Office 365. The first step for this is to make OneDrive for business available to staff.  This will allow them to use the web based client for managing files, as well as the Office 2013 client. Chris Tilbury Jenna Morgan
337 Jira Upgrade and Processes Upgrade JIRA to version 7.2.2 and establish support and working processes for JIRA use across ITS Michael Dunmore James Mostyn
338 HNAS Replacement Scaleable storage finished by midway Chris Tilbury Richard Firth
342 RED Iris Upgrade An upgrade is required to IRIS, the UoL Research information Management System, to implement new modules in support of REF. Juliet Bailey Pete Evans
343 IRIS Upgrade for OA Monitor An upgrade to IRIS, the UoL Research information Management System, to enable a new Open Access (OA) Monitor module to be implemented.

This new OA module enables the UoL to monitor compliance against HEFCE’s requirement that from 01 April 2016, journal articles and conference proceedings must be available on an open access basis within three months of acceptance for publication in order to be eligible for submission to the post-2014 REF.
Juliet Bailey Pete Evans
344 SAP BPC for RED An implementation of SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) is proposed to meet the RED requirement for Research Income Forecasting. Pauline Muya Ian Colledge
345 Room Service Upgrade 3.1 An essential upgrade to Room Service application used in RACS to support accommodation management.  This upgrade is required to prevent the application falling out of support. Anne Harvey Jenny Morgan
346 SITS Upgrade

An upgrade of SITS and its components to the latest release to ensure continued vendor support.

Laura Freeman Lee Knapton
349 Pensions & Payroll Changes for April 2016

A programme of works is required to deliver the following non-discretionary Payroll and Pensions related activities from Apr 2016:

  • The ending of National Insurance “Contracting out” for occupational pensions schemes
  • The introduction of the proposed reforms to the USS pension scheme
  • The proposed closure of PAS to future accrual and transfer of active members to the University’s stakeholder scheme (Grades 1 to 5) and USS (Grades 6 and above);
  • The third anniversary of the University’s pensions auto-enrolment staging date.
Gary Hague Richard Firth
352 IT Preparations for the Start of the Academic Year This project oversees the support and delivery of key IT related activities at the start of the forthcoming academic year.  This will ensure all of the activities are coordinated and are delivered on time, especially the changes for students in the new academic year. Dan Lawrence Lee Knapton/Julie Wetherall
353 HESA 2014-15 Changes to the core SAP HR configuration are required to support the annual return of staff HESA data.  HR have also requested a number of  improvements to the existing SAP HR config in order to improve data quality and data workflows, thus minimising the need for manual data processing in both day to day activities and in support of the HESA return. TBC Peter Evans
355 IT Support for Confirmation and Clearing 2015 The Confirmation and Clearing process takes place every August. It is critical to the University’s ability to fill its courses for the coming academic year. This project will manage the preparation, support and risks associated with the IT and telephone solutions required for Confirmation and Clearing 2015. Tracy Carlton Sam Hannan
358 College Court – Kx Upgrade This project will upgrade Kinetics (Kx) conferencing and hotel management application suite to a newer version. This will resolve at least twelve operational issues raised by College Court and IT Services and will improve general usability of the system. It will also improve the accuracy and compliance of records, reduce the dependency on paper records and the need for manual workarounds. Steve Crawford
359 Lecture Capture 2016 A project to carry out a procurement exercise for a campus wide lecture capture solution then implement this solution in time for the 2016/17 academic year. Michael Dunsmore Caroline Taylor

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