University of Leicester staff and Research Postgraduates can obtain a loan copy of LabVIEW software on DVD.

To obtain LabVIEW

Please complete this form before requesting LabVIEW.

Your request will be processed and you will be contacted when a loan set of the software is available.

Installing LabVIEW

  1. The University of Leicester has access to all LabVIEW Toolkits and Modules provided on the Academic Installation DVDs.
  2. You will be supplied with a Serial Number to activate your software
  3. The Activation Wizard guides you through the activation process. If you installed your software for the first time, the installer may launch the 
    Activation Wizard for you. Otherwise, launch your software and choose to activate when prompted.  If you are not prompted, perform these steps.   

  4. Save your Activation Code for Future Use (optional) — The Activation Wizard provides you with the option to receive an email confirmation of your activation code. If you reinstall your software on the same computer, the same activation code will work. To apply this activation code in the future, launch the Activation Wizard and select Apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously acquired for this computer



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