The command line environment in the High Performance Computing (HPC) systems is referred to as the Shell.

The default user shell on the HPC systems is bash. This is a command interpreter that provides the interface between the user and the system.

When you log in, you will see:

  • A short message which may include important notices, particularly the dates of scheduled service days
  • A list of your research projects
  • The default scratch directory location, as set in the environment variable SCRATCHDIR

The display is very similar on both ALICE and SPECTRE.

Last login: Thu Jul  8 08:39:12 2010 from

                  Welcome to the ALICE HPC service

 ALICE documentation can be found at

 Contact to report problems. Please mention
 ALICE in your email.

 *** Upcoming Service Days ***

   Tue 31 August 2010
   Tue 26 October 2010

  You are in the following research projects:

         pilot (ID 0002)
         swift (ID 0009)
         wtcc  (ID 0011)

  Default SCRATCHDIR is /scratch/pilot/ljg2


The session may start on either of the two login nodes (login1 or login2) on ALICE or one of the six login nodes on SPECTRE (spectre01,...., spectre06).

Find out more

If you need help using the shell, you can attend the Linux Introduction training course.

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