Use a Learning Module

How to navigate through a Learning Module and use the Table of Contents.

What is a Learning Module?

A Learning Module is organised in a similar way to a book with pages you can work through and a Table of Contents.  Depending on how the Learning Module has been set up, you may have to view each page in order or you may be able to jump ahead. 

Navigate through a Learning Module

Within a Learning Module you can click the left and right arrow buttons on the top right of the content area to move through the pages.

Learning module pages

You can also use the left and right arrows in the Table of Contents.

Use the Table of Contents

You will usually see the Table of Contents on the left of the page next to the Course Menu.  Click on a link to move to the relevant page.  Depending on how the Learning Module has been set up, you may not be able to move more than one page ahead.

Learning Module ToC

You can hide the Table of Contents by clicking the minimise button: Minimise Table of Contents

If you have minimised the Table of Contents, click the Expand button to show the Table of Contents again: Expand Table of Contents

If you want to make the Table of Contents larger, click the maximise button:Maximise Table of Contents

If you prefer to put the Table of Contents at the bottom of the screen, click the arrow button: Move Table of Contents