Other email programs

Email is accessed by most staff (including postgraduate researchers) using Outlook 2013 on PCs or Outlook 2016 on Macs that are managed by IT Services or using the Outlook Web App.

This information is provided for reference only - IT Services cannot support the use of other email programs and are intended for use on University owned computers only. See the University Information Security Policy.

Alternatively you can access you email on a University computer (not managed by IT Services) using any of the following email programs:

If you are using a different program or the above instructions don't work you can use IMAP and SMTP to connect to University email.

What are the advantages of using Outlook/Mac Mail?

Using Outlook or Mac Mail with a direct connection to Exchange has the following advantages:

  • Calendar access - this allows you to view colleagues availability (when they have allowed you to do so) and easily schedule meetings
  • Global Address List (GAL) - look up address details for anyone at the University

Which programs support a direct connection to Exchange?

  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2011 (Mac OS X)
  • Mail (Mac OS X)

Use IMAP and SMTP to connect to University email

If you are not able to setup a direct connect to Exchange you can connect using IMAP/SMTP. These are example programs which can connect in this way:

  • Mail (Mac OS X)
  • Thunderbird (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
  • Evolution (Linux)
  • Windows Live Mail

Incoming mail

You will need to configure the following server details for incoming email (or 'received' email).

Server Name email.le.ac.uk
Server Protocol
Secure Server (SSL) Yes
Port Number 993
Username Your University IT account username
Your University IT account password

Outgoing Mail

The settings you need to configure for the outgoing email server are:

Server Name mailsend.le.ac.uk
Port Number 587
Use username/password Yes
Use secure connection Yes
Secure connection type TLS
Username Your University IT account username
Password Your University IT account password

Some email programs give you the option to remember the passwords associated with your account when you first connect using these services. You should not allow your password to be stored on your PC in this way. If you share your computer with another user, or lose it, then your University IT account will be at risk.

Known issues

  • 'Syntactically invalid EHLO argument(s) Contact your mail administrator for assistance'

    This error message might appear because your computer name has spaces or other punctuation in it. To fix the issue, rename you PC without spaces or punctuation characters.

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