Email and Calendar

How can I share files with other people?

Staff can use the Shared Departmental X: drive, if the person(s) you are sending to is within the University.

Alternatively, if you are working on a research project you may want to use Filedrop to share files with external collaborators.

In some cases it is necessary to send an email with an attachment. You may wish to compress your files beforehand, to combine them and make the attachment smaller.

How can I send an email to lots of people?

You can request an Email Mailing List so that you can add and maintain a list of individuals you want to send to.

What support do you provide for PAs?

A manager can delegate access to their mailbox (email, all folders, calendar, contacts, tasks). Their PA can be allowed to send an email on their behalf and also manage your calendar. The manager can also forward their calls so that their PA can answer them.

I’ve received an 'Undeliverable’ email notification, what does this mean?

You will receive an 'Undeliverable’ email notification if you send an email to a University email account that is disabled or has been deleted. This may occur because the recipient has left the University.

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