Are you having an issue playing videos in your PowerPoint slides?

Some staff have reported that they are having difficulty showing videos embedded in their PowerPoint slides, since the withdrawal of QuickTime player. We offer some help with this.


Following the removal of QuickTime player from staff PCs, some older videos which rely on it may not work in your PowerPoint presentation.

What can I do?

You may be able to play your video separately to your PowerPoint presentation using VLC media player. VLC is available to install from the Program Installer on University PCs.

To use VLC on a Teaching Room PC you will need to login using your University IT account, as the ‘AVSguest’ account does not have VLC installed.

The AVSguest account is intended for visitors who don’t have a University IT account or if there is an IT issue which means you cannot login with your IT account.

Need further help?

You can phone the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 if you need further assistance with playing your video.

Why has QuickTime player been removed?

QuickTime player contains known security issues and is no longer supported by Apple for Windows PCs, so these vulnerabilities will not be fixed.

The withdrawal of QuickTime was communicated as part of our consultation with staff about the Teaching software required for this academic year and a more recent news item about the removal of QuickTime from staff PCs.

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