IT Survey: You said, we did

An update on progress from the IT Survey 2014.

In Dec 2014, we released our first IT Survey, designed to help us better understand the needs of students and staff across the University. We gathered much useful feedback, and we’ve been using what you've told us to improve the IT services and facilities you use.

You can recap some of the key findings in our online report of the results.

What have we achieved?

We have made significant progress in a number of key areas that were raised in your feedback:

What you said

What we did

Support from IT is perceived to be quite slow

We have created a significant reduction in the number of IT Help requests older than 30 days old.

Policies and procedures are not visible and/or not explained

We have provided greater clarity on policies and guidelines relating to IT Services

There is poor awareness of student IT courses, and there is no booking process

We created a new booking form for IT training for students, as well as better promotion. This has contributed to a significantly increased uptake of IT training for students.

Students typically save files on USB stick, which can easily be lost

OneDrive for students has been launched, which provides students with a more flexible way to store and access files.

Staff want to have more methods to communicate with each other

Skype for Business has been launched, which makes it easier for staff to collaborate with colleagues across the University.

Yammer was launched in partnership with External Relations

Wifi coverage around campus can be patchy, the signal may drop out etc.

We recently completed a successful funding bid for more wifi access points around campus

Around 50% of respondents did not know how to give feedback about IT

A clearer mechanism for providing feedback about IT has been made available in the form of a comments and complaints form.

It can be hard to know where your IT support request is, and who is dealing with it.

We have just launched IT Self Service, which allows you to report an issue, make a request and view the status of all your current IT support requests. We hope this will save you time and give you more visibility of your request’s progress.

What’s next?

We will be releasing a follow-up to this survey in December 2016, where we hope to check our progress and gather more useful feedback.

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