TurningPoint update - September 2014

A new version of the TurningPoint electronic voting system is now available. See what’s changed in the new version and when is best to install it.

TurningPoint DashboardTurningPoint is an electronic voting system used from PowerPoint that allows an audience to respond to a question on a slide.

A new version, TurningPoint 5.3.1, is now available. This new version will be available on the PCs in lecture theatres from 29 September 2014.

When can I install TurningPoint 5.3.1?

Presentations created or updated using the new version of TurningPoint will no longer work with the previous version, TurningPoint 2008.

You can install the new version from the Program Installer now, but should be aware that your new presentations won’t work in lecture theatres until after 29 September 2014.

Presentations created using TurningPoint 2008 will still work with TurningPoint 5.3.1.

What’s changed?

The main change is that when you run TurningPoint 5.3.1, it will show the TurningPoint Dashboard rather than starting PowerPoint.  Click PowerPoint Polling to start PowerPoint and show the TurningPoint tab.

PowerPoint Polling

This new version of TurningPoint looks quite different from the previous version, with a newly designed toolbar, but it works in a similar way.

TurningPoint Tab

Need IT help?

Visit the IT Help website for more information about TurningPoint.

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or via email at ithelp@le.ac.uk. Please make urgent queries by telephone.

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