Mac user survey results

Findings from a recent survey of staff who use a Mac at the University.

The survey was completed by 119 staff, with the aim to understand how they use Macs at the University, what problems are encountered and the support needed from IT Services. It is thought that there is around 500 staff who use a Mac for some or all of their University work.

The following is a summary of key things you told us. You can view specific responses to survey questions on the University Mac pilot project website:

Admin rights

Many staff suggested that it was important to have admin rights on their Mac e.g. to evaluate apps and install them.

As part of the pilot, we want to understand how you use admin rights on your Mac. However, we recognise that (as with those who use a University PC) some users will need local administrator rights on their Mac. Admin rights can be given, provided you accept the responsibility to comply with University policies. These include the University software policy, information security policies and other regulations.

How we describe the pilot

The term ‘managed service’ was considered to be more about control than providing help.

The aim of Mac Pilot is to understand how IT Services can provide the help and support for those who use a Mac at the University. The pilot is offering Mac Self Service tool as the main way you can get help for your Mac. It will help you by:

  • ensuring you have the latest updates to your Mac
  • ensures you have antivirus protection*
  • installing printers for you
  • providing access to University files e.g. on the Shared departmental  X: drive

*Whilst Macs are less susceptible to viruses, antivirus protection ensures you are not sending viruses in email attachments or storing them where other staff may access.

We will be avoiding using the term ‘managed service’ in future to avoid confusion.

University information security policies

At the same time as providing support, IT Services has been asked to aid staff who use a Mac to comply with University policies and other regulations. By using a University Mac, it will be easier for you to comply with these.

These policies include storing files where they are backed up e.g. Shared Departmental X: drive, in case your laptop is damaged or files are deleted. Ensuring that your Mac is encrypted so sensitive data is not divulged if your Mac was lost or stolen. Ensuring that you are using software under the terms of the licence agreement.

You should contact Information Assurance Services if you have questions about following these policies.

Join the Mac pilot

We would like to invite anyone who hasn’t already signed up, to consider joining the Mac pilot. Fill out the sign up form to request to join the pilot.

Need IT help?

Visit the University Mac pilot project website for more information about the Mac pilot.

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or via email at Please make urgent queries by telephone.

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