Lecture Capture pilot – feedback so far

The University is currently running a pilot of Lecture Capture, trialling two systems: Echo360 and Panopto. Staff and students involved in the pilot had the opportunity to give their feedback at the end of semester 1, which is summarised below.

Feedback from academics

The five academics who had participated in the trial at the time of evaluation all felt that Lecture Capture would benefit the students if it were introduced at the University.

Lecture Capture feedback from academics

The key thing is... providing flexibility allowing students to revisit the in-class learning experience that they had. Previously all we’ve done is give printouts of lecture notes…quite limited…whereas by revisiting the Lecture Capture they’re getting a lot more of the...thing they’re actually paying for.  What they’re paying for in tuition fees is the actual experience of the lecture, and they’re getting some of that back in the Lecture Capture…You can see the exercises that were done, you can see the examples that were worked through that might not necessarily be in the notes every time.    I think the system does a good job of sharing that with our students.
Lecturer interviewed regarding Lecture Capture pilot, Feb 2014

The academics in the pilot commented that they need support when starting to record their lectures and found some aspects quite complex, particularly the editing. The trial has also revealed some technical problems that can be sorted out if the system is implemented at the University.

Feedback from students

More than 80% of the students who responded to the survey had watched at least one of the recorded lectures. The main reason for students not watching a recorded lecture was because they didn’t feel they needed to.

Student view of Lecture Capture

Of those who had watched a recorded lecture, more than 90% had also attended the lecture in person. 93% of students responding found listening to the lectures either helpful or very helpful to their learning, and all but one would like the University to continue using Lecture Capture. Students found the recordings enabled them to review topics that they found difficult and help them to understand the material better.

For what reason did you view or listen to the recorded lecture?

Students’ quotes from survey

I repeated sections that I didn’t understand until it made sense to me, without the recording it would have been very difficult to make sense of the content.
I could learn at my own pace with the recording as I could replay concepts that I found difficult repeatedly as well as go over things that I might have missed being said in lectures.


Next steps

The Lecture Capture pilot continues until June 2014. More evaluation will be done at the end of the pilot, to help the University decide how to proceed.

You can find more information on the project, including a feedback form, on the project website. If you would like further information about the evaluation or the project, contact the Project Manager, Joanne Chalmers jc535@le.ac.uk.

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