IT changes - summer 2014

Over the summer there will be some changes to University PCs, eduroam wifi, student PC areas and printers.

University PCs

Student using a PC

Student PC updates

During September, student PCs will be updated with new programs and updates. This will also allow some known issues to be fixed and ensure that the PCs are running as fast as possible.

Each student PC area will close briefly to allow for the upgrades. Posters will be outside each PC area when it will be closed. The Manor Croft Student PC area is being refurbished into a social space and will no longer be available specifically as a PC area.

Internet Explorer

It is necessary to continue to provide Internet Explorer 9 on University PCs for the coming academic year.

University wifi

In the David Wilson Library eduroam wifi will be improved. Improvements will also be made in other buildings on campus. You will soon be able to use wifi outside the Students’ Union, Law building and Library area.


Print queue names easier to understand

In a recent survey you told us that you find the Smart Printing queue names confusing. The terms Mono and Duplex were particularly unclear for international students and staff.  We presented some possible options in the survey and the preferred names below have been agreed. These are planned to change in September.

New printer queue nameCurrent name Description
Black1sided Mono Black and white printing on one side of the paper
Black2sided MonoDuplex Black and white printing on both sides of the paper
Colour1sided Colour Colour printing on one side of the paper
Colour2sided ColourDuplex Colour printing on both sides of the paper

Mobile printing

Soon you will be able to print from your own personal laptop, tablet or mobile phone to a University Smart Printer. This new service is known as Mobile Printing, and dependant on the progress of the project, we aim to provide this new facility from the start of term.

Printers in the Library

The printers in the Library study areas are due to be replaced in September. Other printers in Student PC areas are being changed. All printers will now be Smart Printers, which will allow you to print, copy and scan.

Students will soon be able to login to any student Smart Printer using their University ID card. If your card does not work, you'll still be able to login with the touch screen using your University IT account.

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