Internet Explorer on University PCs

After much testing, it is necessary to continue to provide Internet Explorer 9 on University PCs for the next academic year.

Internet Explorer 9ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Committee) agreed the University browser strategy which states that Internet Explorer is the University’s principal web browser and that:

The supplied version will be compatible with the core functionality of all University web-based applications (for example Blackboard, Plone and SITS e:Vision)…

During testing we have discovered compatibility issues on University PCs with Blackboard and Business Objects using both Internet Explorer version 10 and 11. Internet Explorer version 9 remains a supported browser by Microsoft until January 2016. Therefore we have had to take the decision to continue providing Internet Explorer 9 for the academic year 2014-15.

Additional browser

As of May 2014, Firefox is now available to all staff and students as an additional browser. You may be able to use Firefox if you experience problems with internet Explorer 9 on a University PC. This additional browser will be kept up to date to ensure it is compatible with websites that demand the latest version of a web browser. Internet Explorer remains the principal browser, supplied as standard on every University PC and should be used for University web-based applications.

What’s happening next?

Plans are being drafted for how we can update University web-applications so they work with modern browsers. We will be concentrating our efforts on how we can ensure that we provide the latest version of Internet Explorer in forthcoming years.

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