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New way to change your password

You can now change your password off-campus using the University login page.

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Office 365 staff email upgrade - dates released, find out how to prepare

The dates for when staff and postgraduate researchers email is to be upgraded, have been released. Find out what you need to do to prepare.

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New email security policy

A new email security policy has been published as part of the University’s commitment to improving data security and in readiness of forthcoming data usage legislation. It is important that you read and accept this. This will particularly affect staff who use Outlook on a personally owned computer or those using IMAP to access their University email.

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Resetting your password will change after Easter

After the Easter holidays, we will be improving security and changing the way we handle requests for password resets from members of staff who have forgotten their password. The changes will come into effect from Monday 8 May 2017.

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Launch of 'Request new software' form

IT Services have created a form which will allow you to provide the information that is required when requesting new software more efficiently.

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Launch of AirPrint for iOS – print straight from your Apple device

AirPrint is now available for staff and students to print to a SmartPrinter from their Apple iOS device.

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IT courses for Staff and PhD students - new dates released

IT Services provide a range of workshops to develop your IT skills and make the most effective use of technology for your work. New dates are now available for the summer term.

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How to book an office move

If you or your colleagues need to move office or building, the process for requesting assistance has been improved and updated.

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Setup a PIN to access Microsoft apps on your mobile device

As part of the OneDrive launch and to ensure your University data is secure, staff and postgraduate researchers will now need to setup and use a PIN when they use Microsoft apps on a mobile device. This affects apps that are currently in use like Yammer and Skype for Business.

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Launch of OneDrive for Staff

Access your University files using your OneDrive, anywhere, on any device.

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Avoid opening PowerPoint presentations from email attachments when using Reflect

We are aware of an issue when using Reflect Lecture Capture, which causes the recording to fail to upload. This is often caused when the PowerPoint presentation has been opened from an email attachment in Outlook which causes the upload process to fail as Panopto is unable to locate the file.

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University invests in improved HPC for researchers

Significant investment has been made to allow researchers to maximise their use of High Performance Computing for their research. New hardware will increase performance and a new role has been created to assist researchers to write efficient software.

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Google Chrome is the University’s new additional browser

Google Chrome is being installed on all University PCs from 1 November 2016. Chrome is to become the University’s additional browser. Firefox will be withdrawn at a later date.

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90 day password change policy

The University is extending the existing policy where staff are required to change their strong password every 90 days, to all staff (including externals), postgraduate research students and departmental IT accounts. This will be introduced in a phased way starting from 11 May to be completed by mid-June.

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Are you having an issue playing videos in your PowerPoint slides?

Some staff have reported that they are having difficulty showing videos embedded in their PowerPoint slides, since the withdrawal of QuickTime player. We offer some help with this.

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Launch of the Attendance Management for Students website

IT services have successfully launched the newly designed and developed Attendance Management Website.

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Improved wifi on campus

Significant improvements to wifi have been made by IT Services, to install 567 new Wireless Access Points in 274 locations across the University campus.

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Beware of phishing emails

Staff and students have recently received spam and phishing emails. You should not click on the link within these emails. We offer some tips for how to spot a legitimate email from the University.

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macOS Sierra upgrade not recommended

If you use a University Mac it is not advisable to upgrade to macOS Sierra which was released on Tuesday 20 September. This is whilst testing takes place.

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