Updated: Blackboard Upgrade complete

The upgrade to Blackboard is now complete and you can login to Blackboard again.

See the What's New page for a description of the main changes to Blackboard. The Known Issues page lists any problems that have been found with Blackboard or features that do not work as you may expect.

What happens next?

The plan is for Blackboard to be upgraded during Graduation Week every year, so that people know when it will be unavailable and can avoid planning assessments during this time.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please email bbupgrade@le.ac.uk

Blackboard will be unavailable between Tuesday 11 July 2017 and Thursday 13 July 2017, whilst it is upgraded to a new version.

The login to Reflect (Lecture Capture) will also be unavailable during the upgrade.


Every year during Graduation Week, Blackboard will be updated to a new version and will be unavailable during this time. Blackboard will have a new look and feel but the way you use it will remain mostly the same. It will work better on mobile phones and tablets and there will be some new useful features. For more information see the What's New page

Login to Reflect (Lecture Capture) will also be unavailable during the Blackboard upgrade, which means that you will not be able to watch or edit recordings. However, you will be able to make a manual recording if you work offline.


4.00pm, Tuesday 11 July 2017 – Noon, Thursday 13 July 2017 [UK time] Blackboard will be unavailable and the Reflect login will be

Need IT help?

Should you have any issues with manual recording or require a recording to be urgently uploaded, contact Learning & Teaching Room Support (LTRS) on 2919.

Any automatically scheduled recordings will be unaffected and will occur as normal, without any action required. If you have any questions about the upgrade, you can email bbupgrade@le.ac.uk

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