Courses (Modules) for Study Abroad and Exchange

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Courses Available

The departments that offer modules within the Study Abroad/ Erasmus programme are listed in the table below.

Course information for 2013/14 can be found by selecting the relevant department in the table below. All courses are subject to change.

Module information for 2014/15 will be updated in April; the table below for 2013/14 can be used as a guide.

Study Abroad students only: Places in the School of Management are limited. If you apply for Management modules your course choices will only be considered after the 23 April deadline. We will advise you at the beginning of May whether you will be offered any Management modules.   

American Studies English Literature Modern Languages
Ancient History and Archaeology Geography Physics and Astronomy
Biological Sciences Geology Politics and International Relations
Chemistry History Psychology
Computer Science History of Art Sociology
Criminology Law
Economics Management Studies
Engineering Mathematics
English Language Media and Communications

Courses are often referred to as modules.

We do not recommend mixing modules from too many different departments or year levels as you are likely to encounter timetabling clashes.

Please choose 60 credits (30 ECTS) per semester. This is the maximum course load for which you will be registered.

Please note that level 300 courses are final year courses at Leicester. To register for a 300 course you must have a substantial background in the subject area.

It is your responsibility to ensure that modules taken at Leicester can be taken as an accredited part of your degree programme.


Some courses are restricted to students majoring in that subject or have specific pre-requisites.

All courses are subject to availability and may change without notice. All departments reserve the right to refuse students' course choices.

Engineering, Geology and Maths students (one semester and full year) are required to stay for the exams in January and June.  

Biological Sciences: Students are only to apply for the same year modules to avoid timetable clashes.

Politics and International Relations: Third year modules not available.

Management: Modules are limited for 2014-15 and all module requests will be considered only after the 23 April deadline. 

Media and Communications: Modules only available for students majoring in this subject.

Engineering: Taught modules only available.

Key to Modules

Modules numbered in the 100s are first year courses, 200s second year and 300s, 400s, 500s are third (final year) courses.

Completing the Application Form

When completing the application form, list the titles and code numbers of the modules you wish to take. Choose 60 per semester. Please list alternative choices in case it is not possible to take your preferred combination of modules. Choose the modules running in the relevant semester.

Autumn Semester - Semester One

Spring Semester - Semester Two


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