Estates and Campus Services

Estates, property services and non-residential campus services (maintenance, post, parking, security, cleaning, gardens)

Welcome to the web area for Estates and Campus Services.

  • Campus Services manages all operational and facilities services from cleaning to security. These pages list non-residential campus services, please see the accommodation web pages for information on residences.
  • Property Services looks after major build and maintenance projects and also manages our University property portfolio.

"The Estates Division is responsible for all building work in the University, including the maintenance and redecoration of buildings, and its compliance with statutory and safety requirements," University Financial Regulations 3.2.4

o report a fault in a building please contact our maintenance help desk

For information on how to request new work, please see the requests for new works page

Links to our most commonly used services are given below, please also try our A-Z of services or use the search site facility

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Requests for New Works

Please see also separate web sites for Environment,  Insurance and Safety Services

For a list of teaching buildings and timetabled teaching rooms please see the rooms directory.

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