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The Equalities Unit provides the University with advice in equal opportunities with respect to both students and staff. It does this mainly through the Equality Public Duties that requires the University to proactively manage equal opportunities. The University's response to these duties is embodied in the University's Equal Opportunities Policy.



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The Equalities Team supports the University to advance equality of opportunity, eliminate discrimination and foster good relations between people whose characteristics are different and protected. We will advance the business, ethical and legal cases that underpin these aims.


  • Assist the University to achieve changes to the diversity of its staff and students, reflecting the population from which they are recruited.

  • Seek to embed culture of equality and diversity.

  • Help the University achieve external recognition and the highest awards that reflect excellence in equality and diversity.


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Equalities Staff Forums / Groups

Next BME Staff Forum Wednesday 16 September 2015 @ 12.00 pm

Next Disability Staff Forum Wednesday 23 September 2015 @ 1.00 pm

HeForShe Launch 29 September 2015 @ 1.00 pm

Black History Month Event Friday 16 October 2015 @ 1.00 pm


Contact Details

Equalities Unit
Tel: 0116 252 2747 / 3334    Email:equalities@le.ac.uk

Located at:   
Heron House, Brookfield Site, London Road.

Equalities Advisers (p/t)
Humaa Noori 
Clare Peterson
Chris Sharp

Equalities Assistant (p/t)
Michaela Lefley

Athena Swan
Tel:  0116 252 2420
Athena SWAN Co-ordinator

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