Sustainable Food Policy

RACS recognises its responsibility to provide healthy and sustainable food to its customers. We work to incorporate environmental, ethical and social considerations into the products and services provided.

We recognise that it is our responsibility to encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimise negative environmental, ethical and social effects associated with the products and services they provide. We will also strive to ensure that local and smaller suppliers are not discriminated against in the procurement process and through our specifications.

Download the Sustainable Food Policy in full

Our aims

  • Source food and other products locally where possible in order to sustain the local economy and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that through the supply chain and distribution mechanisms our suppliers are working to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Ensure that animal welfare standards are adhered to for any animal produce purchased and to insist on red tractor standards as minimum where applicable.
  • Support suppliers who share our values.
  • Communicate to customers, staff and suppliers our commitment to serving sustainable food.
  • Improve our recycling scheme in the kitchens to increase the number of waste items that can be recycled.

How we will meet our aims

  • Enhance staff, customer and supplier awareness of relevant environmental and social effects of a sustainable diet via promotional guidance, product information and awareness campaigns.

  • Work with our suppliers to progress the sustainability agenda.

  • Set sustainability targets and measure our performance against these annually.

  • Work with the Environment team to follow best practice and ensure that our local aims are aligned to the University strategic aims.

  • Examine this Sustainable Food Policy annually, amend targets and communicate findings (including progress and gaps) to customers.

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