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Applications are now closed for 2015/16 - register your interest here for 2016/17.

What is the Leicester Award?

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The Leicester Award is a personal skills development programme which recognises and adds value to the activities you engage with outside your degree. The award helps you to reflect upon the skills you are developing, communicate your achievements, and investigate the direction that you might want to head in for your career.

The Leicester Award is recognised on your final academic transcript and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which provides clear evidence of your commitment to developing yourself above and beyond your degree studies.

The Leicester Award is an essential extra in gaining skills and increasing your employability by making you stand out. The award has great pacing and fits comfortably with the other work you’re doing at university.
Daniel Smith, University of Leicester Graduate

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What are the benefits of the Leicester Award?

Through participating in the Leicester Award you will:

  • Get more out of activities that you do outside of your degree and gain recognition for your involvement
  • Develop the key transferable skills employers are looking for
  • Increase your confidence and self-awareness
  • Be able to articulate your skills and achievements to employers
  • Receive support and feedback to help you achieve your career goals

The Leicester Award is open to all University of Leicester students from all year groups.

You are only able to complete the Leicester Award once during your time at University.

How do I achieve the Leicester Award?

The Leicester Award is achieved by taking part in one of the recognised extra-curricular activities combined with the completion of the Leicester Award course which runs from November to April. The course is delivered mostly online through Blackboard, with some face-to-face sessions, and consists of a variety of E-Workshops designed to help you:

  • Understand your motivations and values and how they can affect your career plans
  • Set yourself effective goals to structure your personal development
  • Learn how the graduate recruitment process works and what employers are looking for you to demonstrate at each stage
  • Reflect on your experiences and articulate your strengths
  • Build your confidence in delivering presentations
Leicester Award Requirements

Who is eligible for The Leicester Award?

In order to participate in The Leicester Award you must:

  1. Be taking part or intending to take part in a recognised activity
  2. Have completed a Talent Academy or Extra Curricular Challenge or have equivalent experience*

*This could include other career development activities that you have already participated in such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award or significant work experience such as 6 months or more full-time employment.

Please note - you must be a current student at the university for the entire duration of the award. We are unable to extend your IT account beyond your graduation date to allow you to continue participating.

Are Distance Learning Students Eligible?

Distance Learning Students are welcome to participate in The Leicester Award and are able to complete it entirely online. Arrangements are made for the face-to-face workshop to be delivered as a webinar and for your presentation to be submitted as a video recording.

If you are a Distance Learning Student then you are not expected to participate in an additional extra-curricular activity as these are typically only available on campus, instead you are able to use the work or volunteering that you are already doing as your Leicester Award activity.

How can I apply for the Leicester Award?

First, choose the activity you’re already doing, or one that interests you – there are more than 50 accredited activities including volunteering, part-time work and leadership positions within the Students’ Union. If you're not already participating in an activity, check to see if they are taking applications and how you can get involved. Once you've found something that you want to take part in just sign up online.

Applications have now closed for 2015/16 - register your interest here for 2016/17

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The Leicester Award Gold

The Leicester Award GoldOnce you complete The Leicester Award, you become eligible to take part in The Leicester Award Gold, an advanced skills development programme delivered by employers and open exclusively to students who have already successfully completed the Leicester Award. It aims to develop your skills and your commercial awareness of a specific sector through working on real life business challenges.

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