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What is the Leicester Award?

The Leicester Award is a personal skills development programme which recognises and adds value to the activities you engage with outside your degree. The award helps you to reflect upon the skills you are developing, communicate your achievements, and investigate your desired career pathway.

The Leicester Award is recognised on your final academic transcript and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which provides clear evidence of your commitment to developing yourself above and beyond your degree studies.


How can I apply for the Leicester Award?

Before applying for the Leicester Award, have a look at the list of recognised activities available and eligibility criteria.

We are no longer accepting applications for the Leicester Award for 2014/15. If you are interested in doing the Leicester Award in 2015/16 please express your interest here.

Got a question? Take a look at our FAQs page and/or send us an email.

What are the benefits of the Leicester Award?

"The Leicester Award is an essential extra in gaining skills and increasing your employability by making you stand out. The award has great pacing and fits comfortably with the other work you’re doing at university."

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith, University of Leicester Graduate

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Through participating in the Leicester Award you will:
• Develop the key transferable skills employers are looking for
Gain recognition for your involvement in extra-curricular activities
• Be able to confidently communicate your skills and achievements
Receive training and support to help you achieve your career goals

How can I achieve the Leicester Award?

The Leicester Award is achieved by taking part in one of the recognised extra-curricular activities combined with the completion of the compulsory Leicester Award elements.

The award starts in November and finishes in April.

Leicester Award Stages

Am I eligible to do the Leicester Award?

To be eligible for the award you should be undertaking at least one of the recognised activities, which can include volunteering or part-time work. You also need to have completed either a Talent Academy, Extra-Curricular Challenge or have equivalent experience to be eligible for the programme.

If you are undertaking volunteering or part-time work you will need to evidence 25 hours of activity and should therefore keep a log of your activity throughout the award.

The Leicester Award is open to all University of Leicester Students from all year groups.

Students are only able to complete one Leicester Award during their time at University.

Activities and Experiences

There are more than 50 activities accredited by the Leicester Award for you to choose from. If you are not already participating in an activity check to see if they are accepting applications OR consider volunteering or part-time work.



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