Internships and placements

Internships and placements are a great way for students to gain a deeper understanding of your organisation, can offer flexible support to help you meet your business needs, and act as a talent pipeline for future recruitment.

We work closely with organisations of all sizes to support recruitment for internships and placements. Whether advertising existing roles through our MyCareers platform, running on campus recruitment events or providing dedicated support for SMEs to help you recruit the talent you need, our team are here to help.

    Undergraduate internships

    Do you require additional support with project work over a vacation period? Are you looking to build your talent pipeline but uncertain about how to find the best people for your business? Our new undergraduate internship scheme will help you to hire a suitable undergraduate to work with you full time for 6-12 weeks during the vacation. Some financial assistance is also available Find out more...

    Graduate internships

    Never enough time in the day to implement all your business ideas? We have inspiring graduates who will bring knowledge, skills and insight to make your ideas a reality.Our programme offers the chance to recruit a graduate for 3-12 months or permanently with financial assistance. Find out more...

    Advertise an existing internship or placement

    Our vacancy website, MyCareers, gets around 1,000 hits a week, and students can search by industry sector, company or type of employment. What’s more, the whole vacancy advertising service is free. Simply login to MyCareers and post your role.

    Postgraduate placements

    Many businesses find it increasingly difficult to recruit highly skilled talent at the levels of salary they can afford to pay. This limits their potential for innovation and their ability to react to new opportunities in the market. One creative solution would be to have a Computer Science or Engineering postgraduate student on a placement from the University of Leicester. Available from the end of June each year, we have 60 talented and motivated students who want to bring either your blue sky projects to life or support your core business activity available for 3, 6 or 9 month placements. Find out more...

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