Electronic article delivery

Articles supplied by the British Library can usually be sent direct to your University of Leicester e-mail account as secure electronic documents (SEDs). 

In order to comply with UK copyright law the British Library uses digital rights management measures which mean these documents must be opened and printed within 14 days, you cannot save the PDF and reopen it. 

If you would like to use this facility please select Yes on the Electronic Delivery field of the request form.

Please note that Adobe software is required to open SEDs, and there is a known issue with the version installed on campus computers (please see below).


Accessing your documents

The British Library will send you an email informing you once your document is available. This email will include the order/request number in the header subject line and will contain the link to your document.

Step one: Click this link to download and open the document.  Note, you must be online at the time in order to do this. 

Step two: You will be able to revisit and view the document by following the link for up to 14 days, but you will only ever be able to print it once.

It is advisable to print the article immediately - on an Open Access PC do not close the document or log out until you have printed it out.

If you have any questions, or encounter any difficulties is opening an SED PDF then please contact us.  SEDs will only be supplied to University of Leicester email addresses.

Installing Adobe Reader

If you are using your own computer, on or off campus, then you will need to ensure you have a copy of Adobe Reader.  This is freely available for download.

Download a test document from the British Library’s FileOpen site to check that you will be able to open SEDs before you request any documents be supplied electronically.

Known Issues

SEDs do not work for some operating systems (some version of Macintosh, Linux).

For further information see the British Library's page on FileOpen and SEDs. If after installing the plugin you are unable to access the test SED, please contact us.

Distance learning students

By default we will supply distance learning students with print copies of articles and book chapters from the British Library.  However, if you wish to opt in to receiving electronic documents please notify us in the Comments field of the request, or contact us directly.

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