A guide to key legal research databases, user guides and tutorials for the United Kingdom.

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This pages highlights the key resources and research guides available to you.

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Legal Databases

  • JustCite:
    Legal search engine and citation tool, with links to full-text primary sources, and case law precedent map.
  • Lawtel:
    Legal current awareness service, including case summaries (1980-date) and pending actions service.
  • Lexis Library:
    Key legal research databases with full-text UK and EU legislation and case law, and Halsbury's Laws of England encyclopaedia.
  • Westlaw UK:
    Key legal research database with full-text UK and EU legislation and case law, the Legal Journals Index, and Insight legal encyclopaedia.

Research Guides

Other Databases

Online Tutorials

Official Publications

  • Gov.UK:
    Official website of UK government including departments, publications, statistics and consultations.
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers:
    Historical parliamentary papers and Hansard debates from 1715 to 2005.
  • Official Publications Online:
    Up-to-date parliamentary papers and Hansard debates from 2007 to date including a current awareness service.
  • Parliament.UK:
    Official website of the UK parliament including Bill Tracker to trace current status of Bills, and link to parliamentary papers and debates
  • UK Government Web Archive:
    Official archive of UK government websites from 2001 to date.

Other Websites

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