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Welcome to the My Subject page for Medieval History. French Book of Hours 15th/16th century

This page highlights some of the key research tools and information sources available to you.

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David Wilson Library

  • The main History section is 940-999 on Floor 3, Blue zone of the Library.
  • Primary Source collections can be found at 941E-973E on Floor 3, Yellow zone.
  • Incunabula: bibles and other books printed before 1501 available to view in Special Collections.
  • Medieval Manuscript Collection: MSS 7-15, 17-18, 20-22 are available to view in Special Collections.
  • Special Collections for History Dissertations: guide to special collections resources, and suggested research projects, for undergraduate and postgraduate medieval history dissertation students.

Primary Sources

Early European Books Online: full-text fascimilies of non-English language works published from 15th to 17th century.

Religious Sources

  • Acta Sanctorum: 68 volumes of the Société des Bollandistes examining the lives of the saints.
  • Aristoteles Latinus: works of Aristotle in the Latin language.
  • Bible in English: 20 versions of the Bible from 10th to 20th century including Tynedale and King James.
  • Guttenberg Bible: two digitised versions from the British Library, with notes on the history of the bible and printing.
  • Patrologia Latina: the works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216AD.


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Other Resources

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