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Search the content of the local, national and international press - dating from yesterday to hundreds of years ago ...


Up-to-date coverage of a wide range of UK national, local, business and legal newspapers, also international newspapers including United States, Canada and Australia:

  • Times and Sunday Times
  • Guardian and Observer
  • Independent and Independent on Sunday
  • Financial Times (we also have:
  • Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • London Evening Standard
  • Leicester Mercury


International current affairs and financial news.  Company and stock market data for up to 5 years. Publications include:

  • Dow Jones
  • Reuters
  • Wall Street Journal

External Link Tutorial: Find newspaper articles on Factiva (1.5 mins)

The latest news and market data from the Financial Times - and news archive back to 2004.

Gale News Vault


Proquest News & Newspapers



There are also many historical newspapers available.

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