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Since 2006 the Leicester Research Archive (LRA) has showcased your research to the world.  Managed by the Library on behalf of the University, the LRA is a digital archive of Leicester's research outputs; often referred to as an institutional repository. Repositories are part of a global open access movement, helping make the results of research freely available.

Most publications are available in full, to anyone, free of charge (open access) as copyright law and licences allow; although a small portion of material can only be accessed by University of Leicester members.

Univeristry requirements

The University requires that all research publications are deposited with the LRA. The University also requires that all doctoral students submit a copy of their final thesis to the LRA.

Research funder requirements

Most of the UK research councils, and some major grant making bodies now mandate (require) grant holders to make resulting publications available via open access. For some this means using an repository like the LRA

Details of the open access policies for many grant making bodies can be found on the SHERPA/JULIET website.

The importance of making research openly accessible for enhancing the institutions research visibility has been highlighted with the introduction of University mandates for theses and publications.

Publication statistics

Every item on LRA has a View Statistics button.  If you click on this it will give you more information about how many people have accessed the record and downloaded the publication in recent months.  It also gives information on where in the world these readers were located.  The LRA and ITS team are working on developing an author's dashboard for all Leicester academics that will allow them to view all their publication statistics on one page.  Get in touch if you are interested in helping us test this feature.

Current activities

Having successfully intgrated with the central Research Office CRIS (IRIS) there are now over 7,000 items listed on the LRA (March 2012), with 49.8% of these being available in full text.

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News and Events

7,000th Record added to LRA

Posted by gjj6 at Mar 26, 2012 10:55 AM |

March 2012 has seen the 7,000th item added to LRA.

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Deposit to LRA via IRIS Goes Live

Posted by gjj6 at Dec 20, 2011 08:55 AM |

As part of the year long introduction of the new IRIS research management system deposit to the Leicester Research Archive (LRA) has been streamlined.

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1,000th eThesis added to the LRA

Posted by gjj6 at Dec 14, 2011 01:40 PM |

Today the 1,000th thesis record was added to the LRA.

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