Inaugural Lecture Series

Each term the University of Leicester hosts a series of inaugural lectures, each of which is the first lecture of a newly created Professor. The lectures vary in subject area, coming from all University departments, and deal with cutting edge research presently going on at the University.

All the lectures take place on Tuesdays in the Ken Edwards Building, in Lecture Theatre 1.
Lectures start at 5.30pm and last for approximately one hour.

All inaugural lectures are open to the public and are free. Anyone wishing to attend a lecture, whether student, staff or public, should contact


Inaugural lectures taking place in the Summer Term 2015 have now been finalised.

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Doctoral Inaugural Lectures

These lectures celebrate and showcase PhD graduates who are both outstanding academically and able to present their work in a way that is accessible and engaging to a wider University audience. Open to all university staff and members of the public.