The Digital Campus

Achieving a Digital Campus is one of the key strands of our Strategic plan, and we are aiming to put digital at the heart of what we do at the University.

As the world becomes more technologically aware and dependant, with ‘digitally native’ students and staff becoming the norm, we aim to thrive in this new world rather than simply react to it.

The recently released Digital Strategy (word document) explains this in much more detail. These pages aim to showcase the developments which will come about as a result of this.

Website project

Our website is the first port of call for any potential student, visitor or investor and we need to ensure that it projects the image of a forward-thinking, innovative institution. We are moving all externally-facing content onto the new Sitecore platform which provides more flexibility in the way the website is designed and maintained along with an attractive and logical experience for visitors. Visit the programme outline page to find out more (log-in required).

A new staff intranet

Using tools that are part of our Microsoft Office 365 licence, we are creating a new staff intranet. This is much more than a straight replacement. We are giving you a digital workspace which connects to many of the key tools you need to do your job and some that you didn't know you needed, but could transform the way you work. Find out more on the pages about the new intranet and Office 365 (log-in required).

Student digital improvements

Our work to bring the Digital Campus to students has seen a number of projects over the past couple of years. From the MyUoL app through to a programme to bring the whole student experience online, find out more on the dedicated Student Digital Improvements page (log-in required).

Your questions answered

We know that these changes mean that you will have questions. On this page (log-in required) we have summarised some questions that we know that you will have (as we've already asked them ourselves), and will collate any others that arise as the project progresses.

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