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 Gatehouse Chaplaincy Centre (2013)



Your team of chaplains is here to offer help.  We are here for everyone, of any faith or none, for individuals, groups and societies, and we look forward to meeting you. 


Summer Vacation

The ‘usual’ events here will not be taking place over the Summer break (partly due to kitchen renovations taking place), although we will try to have the building open as much as possible and you are welcome to make yourselves at home here when you’d like to.

Please remember that some of the Chaplains will be available and you are welcome to contact them if you need support of any kind.

We hope that you have a really good Summer.  If you are returning to Leicester in the Autumn we'll look forward to seeing you again. Come and see us when you're back!

We are expecting next year to be even busier than usual. Why don't you volunteer with us? (There will soon be a link for information about this).

If you are leaving Leicester we pray that your next stage of life will be fulfilling. 

God's peace and blessings be with you.


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Providing a Chaplaincy to the University of Leicester is the result of a local ecumenical partnership of churches who are part of Churches Together in Leicester.  That partnership enables chaplains from the participating churches to work together and share the use of premises which are very close to the centre of the university but not owned by the university.

In addition to the professional help of the ministers from the churches, and the time given by members of the Chaplaincy Council, we are also fortunate in having the support of individuals who give other kinds of support for example as  'Friends of the Chaplaincy'.

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