Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

The Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology was created in 2016 with the aim of bringing together established strengths in structural biology, chemical biology and single-molecule research. The new Institute will take advantage of synergies in research technologies and approaches to deliver major advances in both fundamental and translational research.


Our research is organised into four inter-related research strands:

  • Understanding the structure and mechanism of macromolecular complexes

some of the most challenging questions in biology involve understanding the structure and mechanism of action of the molecular machines that carry out the processes of life.

  • Structure-based drug discovery and design

Structural biology provides us enormous insight into the mechanism of action of macromolecules and complexes. At the same time it provides detailed insights into strategies to develop small and medium-sized molecules that can alter protein functions and serve as effective therapeutics.

  • Using single molecule techniques to understand complex and dynamic biological processes

Many fundamental cellular processes rely on highly dynamic interactions between macromolecules and macromolecular complexes. Single molecule techniques allow us to observe and understand these processes in real time.

  • Chemical probes and compound libraries development
Understanding how macromolecules carry out their many diverse activities requires an understanding of the underlying chemistry which determines the behaviour of these complexes. By exploiting this chemistry, we are able to manipulate macromolecular function and activity. This is important both for drug development, as well as the development of research tools.

The institute is led by a core executive:

Professor John Schwabe (Director), Professor Emma Raven (Deputy Director), Professor Mark Carr and Professor Ian Eperon,

and is composed of 16 active research groups.


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