CAMEo - Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

hands and papers.jpgWelcome to CAMEo, the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies at the University of Leicester.

CAMEo was launched in 2016 to provide new understandings of the cultural industries, the ‘creative economy’, arts, media and cultural policy, consumer culture dynamics, and the mediation and representation of cultural and economic life. 

CAMEo is an interdisciplinary platform for academic research as well as for collaborations with culture and media practitioners. Together with a wide range of partners we explore the diverse and complex ways in which cultural and media economies are being defined, valued, enacted, experienced and represented.

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CAMEo Conference 2017

CAMEo is holding a conference on Mediating Cultural Work: Texts, Objects and Politics in September 2017


To find out more about our work please contact the CAMEo directors: