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  • 5 performers dressed as raccoons

    Kessoku Remix

  • Thursday 25 May, 3pm, Duration: 20 mins + 15 mins post show talk
  • £5
  • A dynamic pop-up version of the successful touring show ‘Kessoku Tales of Togetherness’. Hubbub are back with their extraordinary characters from Japanese stories beautifully told through movement, music and puppetry. Suitable for all ages and abilities. A guaranteed uplifting experience as we take you from Zen to Mayhem in just 30 minutes!
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  • 5 performers dressed as raccoons
  • Kessoku Remix Workshop

  • Thursday 25 May, 4pm - 4.40pm
  • FREE for adults with MLD
  • Workshop following the performance of Kessoku Remix with theatre company Hubbub. Workshop is suitable for 20 adults with MLD.
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  • A man and a womans face looking out from a tangle of dancing bodies
  • D.A.N.C.E

  • Sunday 4 June, 8pm - 9pm, £6 / £5
  • May cause offence. For 18+ years
  • D.A.N.C.E is developing a new comedy experience, where Comedians and dancers alike share the stage to entertain you. Comedians will perform their routines, whilst Dancers react and improvise their interpretation on stage with them. And then swap, with Comedians performing contemporary dance for the first time, and Dancers trying out material, what could possibly go wrong? An exciting way to see different artforms working together. Hosted by Daniel Nicholas.
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  • Woman dancing on stage with no shoes on
  • What If I Told You

  • Friday 9 June, 7.30pm - 10pm (including 1 hour post show discussion)
  • Pay What You Think, For 14+ years
  • Use of strong language and adult content
  • Throughout Pauline’s life, people have made assumptions about her based on her gender, background and race. She’s defied these expectations at every turn, tearing up the narrative that society tried to impose on her. Carefully balancing dance and theatre, What If I Told You immerses us in Pauline’s world as she invites us to pause, breathe and reconsider the stories we tell about our past and the history on which we build our futures.
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  • A woman sat on a window ledge clutching a childs toy looking out
  • Mine

  • Friday 23 June, 8pm - 9pm
  • £8 /£6/ £4/ £24 for party of 4
  • She loves him. Isn’t that what parents do? She does love him. She doesn’t really have much choice. She’s loved him for about seventeen years now. Then they tell her what he’s done. Is it still possible to love someone like that?
    Mine is an intense new one-woman play about shame, courage, guilt and good parenting. Written by Doug Deans and performed by Maisie Barlow, Mine received critical acclaim during its initial run at the Edinburgh Fringe, and was listed by The Scotsman newspaper as one of the “Top Shows of the Edinburgh Festivals 2016”.
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  • Six men dressed in silver tinfoil and catsuits, 2 with colanders on their heads
  • Sleeping Trees SCI-FI?

  • Wednesday 28 June, 7pm - 8pm
  • £8 / £5. For 14+years
  • Accompanied by an inter-cosmic live score like no other, the Sleeping Trees invite you to join them on a journey into the deep and infinite unknown.  The show follows the intergalactic journey of the unlikeliest of heroes, happy-go-lucky farmer Charlie Sprog. At a time where the ancient planet of Plutopia rules the galaxy, Charlie is dragged from his quiet home planet and given one very simple mission: SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION.
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  • Image of a table setting with a bloody knife and a glass of red wine on the table
  • She

  • Saturday 1 July, 7pm - 8pm, £5
  • Duration: 45mins. At The Y For 14+ years
  • For 13+ years. May cause offence
  • What drives us to violence? She explores how the experiences in the life of a woman with dark potential drive her to murder. ‘A restaurant. There are four tables and She sits at three of them, the main course is set. Different stories, different perspectives, all leading to this one moment; a simple action with violent consequences. She explores what drives us to violence when a woman with dark potential is pushed too far. Analytical detail and creative imagery bring the inner workings of one individual sharply into focus.’  Hannah Torrance is one of five UK writers selected for the 2016-17 Write To Play programme run by Graeae Theatre Company offering training to disabled writers with exciting potential.
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  • Image of a clown in front of a projection of a circus tent
  • Story City Festival

  • Thursday 6 - Sunday 9 July,
  • Pay What You Think
  • Story City Festival is back, bringing you the best new stories in theatre, storytelling, film, spoken word, music, digital, podcasts, dance and more. The annual Leicester festival takes place in venues across Leicester city.
  • Visit for more information.
  • Aaron Twitchen hanging in air using aerial silks
  • B
    Bonemill/Cat Got My Tongue/Being Julie Andrews

    Bonemill/Cat Got My Tongue/Being Julie Andrews

  • Sunday 23 July, 1.45pm - 3.15pm and 3.30pm - 5pm, £5 / £10 double ticket for workshop and Curtain Twitchen show
  • For 16+
  • Learn how to work the silk and other circus kit in a fun-filled workshop with Aaron Twitchen ahead of his show in the evening.
  • No previous experience necessary, suitable for all ages over 16+ due to show content.
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  • black and white cow face on black background
  • Bonemill / Cat Got My Tounge / Being Julie Andrews

  • Friday 14 July, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • For 16+
  • Fishhouse theatre presents Show Before We Go Twitchen ahead of his show in the evening.
  • 3 plays by 3 women which will be going to Buxton Festival Fringe.
  • fishhouse theatre took ‘word of mouth hit’ Cloaks to Buxton Festival Fringe in 2016, garnering great reviews, including a 4* from fringeguru as well as two nominations in the fringe awards. This year fishhouse are taking three short plays and this is your chance to see them in their hometown of Leicester, before they go!
  • Being Julie Andrews 6.30pm
  • Cat Got My Tounge 7.30pm
  • Bonemill 8.30pm
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  • Aaron Twitchen hanging in air using aerial silks
  • Curtain Twitchen

  • Sunday 23 July, 6pm - 7pm, £5 advance / PWYT on the night
  • For 16+
  • A circus comedy fusion of aerial silks and stand up, all about friendship, love and wine.
  • A circus comedy fusion of aerial silks and stand up, all about friendship, love and wine. Aerial-circus, stand-up fusion show. A gossipy cabaret explosion whilst dancing on the curtains. Aaron Twitchen takes comedy to highs you've never seen before... literally.
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