Gallery 2


  • Laura Swanson and Claude Cahun Resource area

  • Saturday 9 September – Sunday 10 December, FREE
  • Gallery 2 has been transformed into a learning and resource area in response to the Laura Swanson and Claude Cahun exhibition. Building on the themes of identity and gender, the space invites visitors to try out a new identity with a variety of elaborate props. There is also an activity to design your own cosmetic mask, much like those seen in Laura Swanson's series, Beauty. Visitors are encouraged to photograph their new looks with a selfie against the black background, where selfie sticks are at hand. These can be shared with the hashtag #Beneaththismask on social media, which feeds onto the social media screen in the room. Also in the space are large bean bags and topical books for all ages, allowing further interpretation of the exhibition's themes.

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