Balcony Gallery

Exhibit your work in the Balcony Gallery at Attenborough Arts Centre

The Balcony Gallery sits on the first floor of Attenborough Arts Centre and is a key feature for visitors as it connects our art studios and offices to the bustling Attenborough Café, Diana Princess of Wales Hall, Front of House and new galleries.

Local artists and groups can hire the gallery for a minimum of two weeks.

  • The Balcony Gallery offers artists 25 m of wall space (with LED spot lights) to exhibit art work.
  • In addition to this there are three glass display cases for small 3D work.
  • Technical support is available at a small cost as well as the production of descriptive panels and labels.
  • The University of Leicester also offers a high quality catering service for exhibition opening events and Preview Evenings.

To submit your proposal and find out the full terms and conditions, please complete the online form.

We host four to six exhibitions each year in our Balcony Gallery, the focus is on artists living in the region who are connected to Attenborough Arts Centre through our Creative Learning programme or projects.


  • A woman painting in a studio
  • Nama Āto: Japanese Outsider Art

  • Friday 20 January – 12 March, FREE
  • A touring exhibition of three Japanese visual artists whose work is being presented in the UK for the first time. Koji Nishioka’s intuitive musical scores are related to existing pieces of music, but which a pianist may not easily read; Makoto Okawa’s colourful drawings and felt ‘Makoot’ dolls, born from his imagination, depict happiness, sadness and pleasure; and Yasuyuki Ueno’s work shows a world where preconceived notions of female characters and fashion objects are challenged. All of the artists have learning disabilities, and are supported by Atelier Corners in Osaka, Japan.


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