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Update on roles within the College
Professor Mark Williams is to be College Director of PG Research and Professor Kevin Tansey is to be Director of Knowledge Exchange for the College.
Inaugural Lecture Professor Hongji Yang - Dept of Informatics
entitled 'Computing for Creativity' will take place on Tuesday 30 April 2019 at 5.30pm in Ken Edwards LT1. All are welcome to attend.
Inaugural Lecture Professor Andrew Hugill - Dept of Informatics
entitled 'Transdisciplinarity: navigating the borderlands between Art and Science' will take place 30 April 2019, 5.30pm in KE Building LT1. All welcome.
New Research from Dr Simona Paoli from the Dept of Mathematics
introduces a new approach to higher categorical structures and constitutes a foundational and groundbreaking contribution to the field.
Professor Sarah Gabbott from the School of GGE
appeared on French TV's The Secret History of our Evolution to showcase her ground-breaking research on the evolution of vertebrate eyes.
Congratulations to Dr Katy Bennett & Dr Stefano De Sabbatta - School of GGE
for gaining research funding from the Leverhulme Trust for their project 'Mapping Multiculture: Disrupting representations of an ethnically diverse city'.
Congratulations to Dr Yadira Valdivieso Diaz and Professor Sibylle Schroll from the Dept of Mathematics
on winning a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship.
Congratulations to Mathematics PG Nicholas Williams
on being selected to display a poster at the House of Commons on his research. This event is run by Parliament to encourage and promote Britain's early-career researchers in the sciences.
Congratulations to Professor Hong Dong - Dept of Engineering
on having his paper 'Revealing internal flow behaviour in arc welding & additive manufacturing of metals' featured in a Nature Communication.
Congratulations to Dr Suzie Imber from the Dept of Physics & Astronomy
on becoming the University's very first Pro-Chancellor (Students).
Congratulations to Professor's Ivan Tyukin & Alexander Gordan
on receiving a commendation at the counter Terror Expo for their face recognition and AI product.

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