How to setup the OneLan box

The following instructions will enable you to use your digital signage box (Onelan) in an easy to maintain fashion whilst keeping a professional and consistent look and feel across the campus. By using the templates created by multimedia services you can maintain all the content on your digital signage screen by creating feeds from Plone. This means once the OneLan box is setup you won't need to access the system to maintain your content, all the following instructions only need to be applied once.

These instructions may differ slightly depending what version of OneLan you're using.

Create a layout with just one zone

  1. Within OneLan select Layouts > Manage Layouts then click the Add Layout button, give this new layout a simple name and click the Add button. 
  2. Find your new layout in the list of layouts and click the Edit button. 
  3. Next click the Add Zone button and tick the box for HTML (within zone properties), this should turn your new zone green, your new zone should also cover the entire canvas. 
  4. Click the Save button and then choose Save all changes and edit the playlist. 
  5. Click on the Specials tab and enter the address for your digital signage website e.g. then click the Add button.
  6. You should now be in the Playlist tab with a duration time on the right hand side of the screen. Click on this time and set the duration to show the web page indefinitely, then set the web page width to 1920 and and the web page height to 1080, click the save changes button. 
  7. Finally select Layouts > Manage Layouts and delete any layouts that are not needed, this can be done by clicking on the red circle with a cross in it next to each layout. To make your new layout live click on the Activate schedule and layouts button

Check what version of OneLan you're using

Older versions of the OneLan operating system may not be able to display websites within zones, which is required when using Plone as a feed for your digital signage screen. If your version of OneLan is older than v8.03 then you may need to upgrade the operating system. You can find out what version of OneLan you're using by logging into your box in the normal way, the version number should be displayed in the top right hand corner. To upgrade the operating system select Home > Setup > Software Update 

Set the screen resolution

The website to be displayed on your screen is a fixed width of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. To set your OneLan box at this resolution  select Setup > Player > Screen. Set the width to 1920 and the height to 1080, then click the button to save changes and restart OneLan

Set the time

To ensure your OneLan box is displaying the correct time you will need to set this by choosing Setup > System > Date and Time. Then click the radio button for local system clock and click the save button. If the clock starts to gain or lose time you can also correct the time on this screen.

Upload the Arial font

The website to be displayed on your screen requires the Arial font which is not a default font on the OneLan box. To upload a copy of the Arial font you will need to browse to the following folder on your computer c:/Windows/fonts. Find the one file called Arial and copy and paste this file to your desktop. Then in OneLan select Media > Fonts and click on the Add Font File button. Find the Arial file you just copied to your desktop and click the upload font file button.

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