Postgraduate students in the Library

Research is a major component of the Department’s work. Individual members of staff are well-known in their fields of research endeavour, many of them on an international level. Details on the research interests of individual members of staff can be found on their staff pages.

Members of staff carry out research funded by government, research councils, charities, industrial and educational organisations, and others; as well as regularly publishing research papers, books, edited volumes and, in recent years, some of the most widely-used textbooks in both general and specialist fields of sociology (e. g. Fulcher and Scott, Sociology, Oxford University Press, fourth edition 2011; Hutchby and Wooffitt, Conversation Analysis, Polity, second edition 2008).

Research Groups

Our current research groups are Research Unit on Civil Society and Well-being and Health Research Group

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

The Department runs a range of conferences, workshops and seminars on various topics throughout the year.

Conferences and Workshops


Staff Publications


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

Other publications

Research Initiatives

Research Grants

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