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My career has involved research, teaching and consultancy in Occupational Psychology and Ergonomics.  I have BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Hull.  I am a chartered occupational psychologist and a fellow of both the British Psychological Society and the Ergonomics Society.

My specialist fields are task analysis, training and cognitive ergonomics.  I have published books, papers and reports on these topics.  In recent years I have focused my research on the history of ergonomics and occupational psychology.  I was the General Editor of the journal Ergonomics for ten years.

I was presented with the Ergonomics Society's Otto Edholm Award in 1989, for "contributions to research and application, particularly in training and systems ergonomics".

Recent Publications

  • Shepherd, A. & Stammers, R.B. (2005) Task analysis. In J.R. Wilson & N. Corlett (eds.) Evaluation of Human Work (3rd Edn). (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press), pp. 129-157.

    Bonney, K. & Stammers, R.B. (2006) Exploring the impact of psychological assessment for disabled job seekers. Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employment and Disability, 8, 147-152.

    Stammers, R.B. (2006) What did you do in the War Hywel?  Some foundations of ergonomics. In. P.D. Bust (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics, 2006. (London: Taylor and Francis), pp. 132-136.

    Stammers, R.B. (2006) Histories of ergonomics. Ergonomics, 49, 741-742.

    Stammers, R.B. (2007) Hywel Murrell at the Naval Motion Study Unit and the development of ergonomics. In, P.D. Bust (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics, 2007. (London: Taylor and Francis), pp. 93-98.

    Stammers, R.B. (2008) Charles Babbage and the “facility of using”. In. P.D. Bust (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics, 2008. (London: Taylor and Francis), pp. 252-257.

    Stanton, N.A. & Stammers, R.B. (2008) Bartlett and the future of ergonomics. Ergonomics, 51, 1-13.**

    Stanton, N.A. & Stammers, R.B. (2008) What would Bartlett have made of the future past? Ergonomics, 51, 76-84.


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