Child Mental Health Training for Tier 1 Staff

Child Mental Health Training at the University of Leicester

Our Greenwood Institute of Child Health offers Multi-Agency Training in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH).

The aim of this training is to build capacity in Tier One staff within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, as a requirement of the National Service Framework Standards 1 and 9, and the policy Every Child Matters.  Ongoing training courses are available that focus on the promotion of child mental health and early prevention of child mental health problems/disorder.

The training objectives are consistent with broader service objectives, as set by the Joint Child Mental Health Strategy Group, to:

•        Improve awareness and knowledge
•        Enhance Tier One capacity
•        Facilitate consistency of responses across agencies
•        Result in effective use of resources

What is Mental Health?  Promoting Positive Mental Health in Children and Young People


•  Promote positive mental health in children and young people
•  Improve awareness, knowledge and skills of frontline primary care professionals in relation to child mental  health
•  Enable primary care professionals to respond appropriately to children’s and young people’s mental health issues
•  Encourage consistency of response across agencies
•  Increase awareness of specialist CAMHS
•  Improve the appropriateness of referrals and access to specialist CAMHS


What is Mental Health?  - 12 October 2015 Booking Form


One Day Events

In addition to the What is Mental Health?  course, more specialised one-day events on different types of child mental health problems/disorders are organised, incorporating an multi-agency approach.

Topics include Attachment, Anger, Anxiety, Self-Harm, Depression, Self-Esteem and Autism.


Booking forms:-


 Child Training Website


Trainers Biographies

Training Co-ordinator - Lisa Anderson - BPS Chartered & HPC Registered Clinical & Forensic Psychologist with over 13 years experience as an Academic and Clinician in Child Mental Health. Lisa is responsible for managing, co-ordinating and teaching on the events.

Course Administrator - Pratibha Patel - Responsible for all the administration and organisation for the Child Mental Health Training events working within this area for 6 years.


Unlike most of training courses our trainers are experienced and currently practicing professionals and clinicians who regularly work with children with mental health issues. Using Practitioners strengthens the training by making it clinically relevant, as they are able to relate theory to practice. Our trainers partake in this training alongside their professional duties.

Training Team

  • Specialist CAMHS - Primary Mental Health Workers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Family Therapists
  • Leicester City Educational Psychology Service - Educational Psychologists from the Child Behaviour Intervention Initiative
  • Leicestershire County Educational Psychology Service - Educational Psychologists and Specialist Teachers
  • Paediatric Service - Paediatricians
  • Voluntary Sector

Contact Details:
For details of these courses or if you are interested in commissioning or targeted training, please contact :-

CAMHS Training Co-ordinator, Lisa Anderson, email:
Training Administrator, Pratibha Patel, email:

Alternatively please call: 0116 225 2888.

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