The seminars are informal talks, from colleagues, collaborators or invited researchers from around the UK and the rest of the world. Each talk typically lasts 1 hour. If the talk sounds interesting please come along.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3.00pm, in Lecture Theatre A of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (unless otherwise stated).

Seminars are organised by Andrew BlainStuart Muldrew (Autumn-Spring), Giovanni Dipierro (Summer) and Cassandra Hall (Summer)


Autumn Term (2016)              

Oct 5

Young and restless: the early history of protostellar discs

Dimitris Stamatellos (UCLan)
Oct 12 Model OII emitters at z~1

Violeta Gonzalez-Perez (Portsmouth)

Oct 19 No Seminar - Prof George Fraser Memorial Lecture
Oct 26 The GaLactic and Extragalactic All-sky MWA (GLEAM) Survey: Extragalactic and Galactic Catalogues Luke Hindson (Hertfordshire)
Nov 2 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
Nov 9 The Chemical Heritage of Planetary Systems in the Era of ALMA Catherine Walsh (Leiden/Leeds)
Nov 16 The Dynamics of Star Clusters Nick Wright (Keele)
Nov 23 Hot Chromospheres and Flares on Ultracool Dwarfs Sarah Schmidt (AIP, Potsdam)
Nov 30 Massive stars, a strong case for cosmic marriage Robert Izzard (Cambridge)
Dec 7 Habitability is a Four Letter Word Duncan Forgan (St. Andrews)

Spring Term (2017)               

Jan 11 Multimessenger astronomy and cosmology: future challenges and opportunities Martin Hendry (Glasgow)
Jan 18 Science Highlights from a Decade of Space Asteroseismology Conny Aerts (Leuven)
Jan 25 Black Holes: the Nemesis of Galaxy Formation Richard Bower (Durham)
Feb 1 LOFAR and Radio-loud AGN Wendy Williams (Hertfordshire)
Feb 8 Disc structure around low- and high-mass YSOs resolved with interferometry Stefan Kraus (Exeter)
Feb 15 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
Feb 22 Using the smallest galaxies as a probe of cosmology and galaxy formation physics Michelle Collins (Surrey)
Mar 1 Characterizing the dense gas in galaxies Serena Viti (UCL)
Mar 8 Solar flares: what knowledge have we gained, and how can this help understand stellar flares? Louise Harra (MSSL)
Mar 15 Jupiter’s Dynamic Atmosphere: New Views from Juno and Ground-Based Observatories Leigh Fletcher (Leicester)
Mar 22 The role of disc self-gravity in the formation of planets and planetary systems Ken Rice (Edinburgh)
Summer Term (2017)
May 3 A disk-wind-based unified model for AGN Christian Knigge (Southampton)
May 10 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
May 17 The Cosmic Nursery: Baby-Galaxies and Seed Black Holes at Play Sadegh Khochfar (Edinburgh)
May 24 Using strong gravitational lenses for detailed analysis of submm galaxies Simon Dye (Nottingham)
May 31 A new approach to cosmological simulations of galaxy formation and large scale structure Andrew Pontzen (UCL)
Jun 7
Ilya Mandel (Birmingham)
Jun 14
Sarah White (ICRAR-Curtin, Perth)
Jun 21
Andreea Font (Liverpool JMU)

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