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The Theoretical Astrophysics group currently comprises seven academic staff members, four post-doctoral researchers, seven phd students, and two support staff. Our research program studies some of the key physical processes which govern the evolution of the Universe. These processes operate on a wide range of scales, from the accretion of matter onto a black hole to the formation of elliptical galaxies via mergers of disk galaxies. Much of our work involves large-scale numerical simulations, supported by a rolling grant from STFC. In addition, we also work closely with the Leicester X-ray and Observational Astronomy Group taking advantage of their involvement in Chandra , XMM-Newton and Swift, and we are involved in the modelling of observational data at a wide range of wavelengths.

All staff members interact closely in several research areas:

  • Accretion processes

  • Dynamical evolution of accretion discs

  • Growth of supermassive black holes in galaxy centres

  • Star formation in AGN accretion discs

  • The Galactic Centre

  • Ultraluminous X-ray sources

  • X-ray binaries

  • Gamma-ray bursts

  • Planet formation

  • Galaxy collisions

  • Galaxy formation

  • Dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies

  • Dynamical modelling of the Milky Way

More details about our research can be found on our group research page.

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