Welcome to the Space Research Centre

The SRC (from AVS archive)The Space Research Centre (SRC) is part of the University of Leicester Department of Physics and Astronomy and is housed in the Michael Atiyah building, opened in two phases, in 1998 and 2003. The first phase of the building is entirely occupied by SRC office space, laboratories and workshops. The second phase houses the SRC's large cleanroom and two further laboratories, and is shared with the University's Mathematical Modelling Centre. The SRC's programme has two main foci: the Space Science and Instrumentation (SSI) Group and the Earth Observation Science (EOS) Group. SSI develops novel sensors and optics for high energy astrophysics, planetary landers and orbiters and interdisciplinary research in the Life Sciences and Medicine. EOS studies the sea and land surfaces of the Earth and investigates the atmosphere from space platforms.


You can download a copy of the Space Research Centre brochure here

Staff and students in the Space Research Centre can access research resources here.

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Leicester Physics Centre is pleased to present "The Library of Light" - a talk by Jo Joelson, former artist in residence within the Radio and Space Plasma Physics group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. The talk takes place on June 10th at 18:30. Click on the image below for more information.

Jo Joelson Talk