Dr Klaus von Haeften

Klaus von Haeften, quantum liquids, helium, clusters, fluorescent silicon, liquid jets, non-interacting nanoparticles in solution, CMP seminars


Reader in Nanoscience Klaus von Haeften


Department of Physics & Astronomy,
University of Leicester,
University Road,
Leicester, LE1 7RH,
United Kingdom.


Office: room S5, 2nd floor, Physics Main Bldg
Tel: +44 (0) 116 252 3525
Fax: +44 (0) 116 252 2770
email: kvh6 [at] le.ac.uk


  • Office Hours: Thursdays 10 - 11 am
  • Research Interests: my research areas are fundamental properties and applications of quantum fluids, clusters and nano-structured material
  • Research Activities: (i) fluorescent silicon; (ii) doped and core-shell structured clusters; (iii) molecule-host interactions in liquid and dense gaseous helium (in collaboration with Nelly Bonifaci and Frederik Aitken, CNRS, Grenoble) and helium clusters and droplets (in collaboration with  Andrew M. Ellis, and Shengfu Yang, University of Leicester;  Tim Laarmann, DESY, Hamburg; Robert E. Zillich, University of Linz; Marius Lewerenz, University of Paris; Tamar Seideman, Northwestern University)
  • Supervision of PhD sudents: (i) Atea Akraiam; (ii) Hanieh Yazdanfar; (iii) Luis Guillermo Mendoza Luna; (iv) Mumin Koç; (v) Gediminas Galinis and (vi) Mike McNally
  • Teaching: (1) opt.1609 1st year Introduction to Nanophysics (2) PA2900 2nd year Labs in general physics, (3) opt.294 2nd year Electronic Labs, (4) opt.2910 2nd Year Grep (Measuring Nanoaerosols), (5) 3rd Year I-Sciences, (6) 3rd year projects, (7) 4th year projects, (8) opt.4621 4th year Nanostructures and (9) Experimental Methods in Nanoscience (postgraduate lecture)  Blackboard.
  • Other: Organisation of CMP seminars, CMP representative of Equality and Diversity Working Group (EDWG)

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