The CMP Group

The Condensed Matter Physics group at Leicester study the behaviour of complex materials at the nano-scale.

Research Topics

  • Superfluidity at the nanoscale (von Haeften)
    - impulsive alignment of molecules attached to helium clusters
    - fluorescence spectroscopy of excimers in bulk helium
  • Intrinsic properties of atomic clusters/ nanoparticles and their interactions with surfaces and bulk material
    - magnetic nanoparticles (Baker)
    - luminescent colloidal nanoparticles (von Haeften)
    - nanoparticle growth by atomic deposition onto liquid jets (von Haeften)
  • Quantum theory of semiconductor nanostructures (Roy)
    - properties of single dopant atoms at or close to the surface
    - graphene quantum dots
    - quantum dots, carbon nanotubes

Experimental facilities

  • three molecular beam apparatus for the generation and surface deposition of atomic clusters
  • liquid microjet for atomic deposition onto liquids in vacuum
  • high-pressure cell for spectroscopy and mobility measurements under cryogenic conditions (close-cycle cryostat kindly provided by Space Research Centre)
  • UV/Vis
  • FTIR (transmission and ATR)
  • Dynamic LIght Scattering
  • BOC Edwards thin film coater
  • SEM, FIB
  • UHV surface analysis (LEED, XPS, UPS, TPD), under construction

Computational facilities

  • Unlimited access to the ALICE high performance computing facility

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