Equality and Diversity Working Group

"To promote equality and diversity in the workplace, continually assess and improve working practices and provide a culture of participation and inclusivity"

Message from the Head of Department


The Department of Physics and Astronomy strives to provide a working environment in which all members of staff and students can develop, flourish, and advance.  Such an environment benefits our students and staff at all levels and grades as well as the Department and University. The Equality and Diversity Working Group enables the Department to achieve this goal. As Head of Department I fully support the role of the EDWG in achieving the goals we have set.

Professor Paul O'Brien


The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester adheres to the University's Equal Opportunities Policy, and is fully committed to achieving all the equality objectives defined by it.

Further information about the University's Equal Opportunities Policy can be found here.

In 2009 the Department formed the Equality and Diversity Working Group. The Equality and Diversity Working Group consists of individuals representing all types of staff (administrative, technical, research and academic) and students in the Department. The members range from PhD students through to senior academic staff.

The current membership of the Equality and Diversity Working Group can be found here.

The function of the group is to identify areas where improvements in working practices could be made and then make recommendations on how these improvements can be made through the usual Departmental procedures.  The group may also be required by the Head of Department to help implement any changes.

The group is supporting women in physics, through IoP Project Juno and the Athena SWAN schemes.

The group promotes Equality and Diversity in the working environment by:

  • increasing staff awareness of related issues
  • making Departmental and University policy more transparent
  • increasing communication within the Department
  • encouraging the continuous professional development of its staff and students
  • acting in confidence on information received from staff
  • providing a culture of participation and inclusiveness


In February 2013 and April 2016 the Department achieved Juno Practitioner status and it gained an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in April 2013 awarded for four years.


Meetings are held once a month. If you wish to raise an issue, please contact the Chair.

For previous meetings' minutes please visit our Minutes page.

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