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Blog Entry Leicester featured in Telegraph's 'nicest things' to have happened in 2016 list
Pokemon Go easing Type 2 diabetes burden, LCFC win and Juno mission make top 12 list
Blog Entry Jupiter’s Great Red Spot heats planet’s upper atmosphere
University of Leicester astronomers provide answer to planet’s temperature mystery
Blog Entry New observations reveal Jupiter’s Great Red Spot as mysterious energy source
University of Leicester astronomers provide answer to atmospheric heat mystery
Blog Entry The Bulletin – Leicester experts suggest Pokémon Go could ease diabetes burden
The latest news from the University of Leicester News Centre in under five minutes.
Blog Entry Expert opinions cover primate archaeology and the science of Jupiter
Think: Leicester talking points: a range of topical issues tackled by academics between 21 - 27 July
Blog Entry Student research examines how we can generate useful energy from earthquakes
Research assistant Elliott Spender explores how energy from earthquakes could be put to use in cities such as San Francisco
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