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  • Impact of trauma on child central health
  • Evaluation of child mental health interventions for vulnerable children
  • Evaluation of child mental health services



 logo for WACITCurrently working on this global initiative started in 2015. Its vision is to raise awareness on child mental health worldwide, and to establish ways of helping children who have suffered trauma and live in the most adverse life circumstances. Read all about the visits made so far and Panos's future plans and more about WACIT on the project portfolio.






  Panos's new book **Panos's latest Publication**

 A Practical Guide: To Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma (2016) Speechmark, London.

This is a concise and practical resource for a range of carers and practitioners working with children who experienced trauma. A Practical Guide to Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma will highlight their characteristics in contrast with those for children living in stability, and will describe specific techniques and strategies to help them in different environments and situations.


New publication **Publication by Panos**

Helping Children and Young People who Experience Trauma: Children of Despair, Children of Hope (2014), London: Radcliffe Publishers.  Read more about it by clicking the link below:


In press

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