Dr Claire V Hutchinson

Associate Professor

Department of Neuroscience
Psychology and Behaviour
School of Psychology
Henry Wellcome Building
University of Leicester
Lancaster Road
Leicester LE1 9HN

Tel: +44 (0)116 2297183

Email: ch190@le.ac.uk

Personal details

I hold an MA from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD from the University of Nottingham.


  • Introduction to Perception and Cognition (module co-ordinator)
  • Approaches to Psychology
  • Abnormal and Individual Differences
  • Abnormal and Individual Differences Library Module (module co-ordinator)
  • Visual Cognition
  • Evolution, Cognition and Behaviour
  • Undergraduate Dissertations
  • MSc Research Projects

Administrative duties

  • School of Psychology PhD/MPhil Admissions Tutor
  • BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Admissions Tutor
  • BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Course Tutor


Journal articles

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  • Spatial vision
  • Motion perception
  • Age-related visual decline
  • Visual markers of ‘non-visual’ disorders
  • Visual cognition
  • Comparative (animal) sensory perception


I supervise postgraduate students on a range of research projects. Students interested in studying for a PhD under my supervision should feel free to contact me directly. You can access information about how to apply online.

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